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User Name:Ravyn Skye
Name/Nick:Ravyn Skye
Last Visited On:Aug. 20th, 2013, 23:16:53, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2009
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Yahoo Handle:ravynskye@rocketmail.com
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Biography:Hello! Thanks for taking the time to look me up! It means the world to me as an author that you've read something I've written, and enjoyed it enough to follow up with a visit to my profile. Please feel free contact me, review me, or PM me at any time with your opinions, ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc.,

My third most popular story according to the poll I set up was 'The Lolicon Collection' which can now be found HERE in its unedited form and its entirety.


EMAIL: ravynskye@rocketmail.com

LIVEJOURNAL: http://ravyn_skye.livejournal.com

LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY: http://community.livejournal.com/lolicomm

LIVEJOURNAL FANFIC HOMEPAGE: http://community.livejournal.com/ravynskyeonlj

YAHOO! IM: ravynskye@rocketmail.com

FANFIC.NET: http://www.fanfiction.net/~ravynskye

WHILE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO CONTACT ME TO CHAT OR DISCUSS FIC... I must regret to inform you all that I have TEMPORARILY had to stop accepting NEW requests. I have 60 out there right now, and I NEED to catch up, if I have a HOPE of ever getting to them ALL.


1. Inuyasha

Sesshoumaru/Rin (Rin at any age from 8 on up. Both 'ship and friendship, father/daughter RARELY and only as a gift.)

Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha (I won't write MPREG. I have nothing against others writing it, but I can't. I suggest Izzanami for that!)

Sesshoumaru/Inu/Rin - Usually in collaboration with Izzanami, Inucest writer extraordinaire.

Other Pairings by request. YAOI/YURI/LOLI/SHOUTA Whatever. Anything but Sess/Kag, Sess/Kagura or Shippou. (Nothing against those pairings, I just can't keep the characters IC and write them. For great Sess/Kagura writing allow me to suggest Jinxysama here on ffnet.)

2.Vampire Knight -

Yuuki/Kaname - My VK OTP

Yuuki/Zero - My alt pairing in VK, and I do adore Zero...

Kaname/Yuuki/Zero - My OT3 for VK

Zero/Ichiru twincest - Because it's hawt.

Chairman/Yagari - My Yaoi OTP for VK

Other pairings as I get creative.

3.Bleach -

Byakuya/Rukia- My Bleach OTP

Rukia/Renji - (mostly a FRIENDshipper for them)

Ukitake/ANYONE - Cuz I love him

Uki/Shun - My yaoi OTP for Bleach

Byakuya/Renji - because it's f-ing HOTNESS

Other pairings as I go.

4.Hana to Akuma -

Hana/Vivi - Canon Lolicon FTW!

5. Blood+


6.FireFly -

Simon/River - CSI/Tamcest

Where I Will and WILL NOT go in my 'M' Writing

I used to say 'nothing is too squicky'... but I sorely underestimated the creativity of some people, and while I do not judge others, there are some things I just can't write.

Things I have no issue with:

1. Lolicon/Shoutacon. This is a particular favorite of mine to write. I write child!Rin in a loving consensual lolicon relationship with Sesshomaru. To be perfectly honest lolicon/shoutacon requests will probably get done first, simply because this is what it is easiest/most enjoyable for me to write. Please scroll down and read my guidelines for Loli/Shouta writing.

2. Incest - My second fav pairing of all time is incestuous, and I have no issue writing incest at all. When used in conjunction with loli/shouta or with adults - either way is fine for me.

3. D/s - D/s scenarios I write are consensual, however I have no problems going as 'hardcore' into it as you'd like to see. This is as close to torture as I'll get, because I'll go as rough as you'd like to see - so long as it's consensual. Hey, some people LIKE to be tied up and beaten!

4. Bondage - I like bondage! Bondage is fun!

5. Spanking - light pain infliction in a consensual relationship or heavy spanking in a consensual relation - so long as the person getting spanked is okay with it. (That doesn't mean they won't beg for the spanker to 'stop' or cry. Hey! That's half the fun, as well as what a 'safe word' is for!

6. Blood play - Hells, one of my fave pairings is a couple of vampire siblings. There is LOTS of bloodplay in my future. Read 'Needed' and you'll see how much I couldn't care less about blood play.

7. Animal stuff - TO AN EXTENT. One of my fave characters is a DOG DEMON. Going along with that, he has some doggie behavoirs and traits. I stop FAR SHORT of beastiality... most of the time. LOL. I don't do 'FURRY' or anthropomorphic animals - so don't ask.

8. Futanari/Female Trans - With a VIABLE EXPLANATION ala Yuuki growing a blood penis in VK XD

9. Tentacles - ARE TOTES FUN!



I will not write Non-con involving a minor. I will not write digital pen before age 11 in girls, 13 in boys. I will not write full sex before age 14 in girls or 15 in boys. When it comes to CHILDREN, I write CONSENSUAL, LOVING RELATIONSHIPS. These relationships evolve over time, and these relationships are about exploring sexuality in a SAFE environment with someone who loves, cares for, and would NEVER hurt or take advantage of the 'child' in the relationship. At no time does any 'adult' in any of my fics 'abuse' a child in ANY way. All activities are consensual, and no activities are physically painful or emotionally damaging.

All that being said, my stories are FICTIONAL, the characters are FICTIONAL and NO REAL CHILD should EVER be in ANY relationship with an adult that is in ANY way SEXUAL. Physical contact with children should be limited to parental and platonic touching and at no time should either party be titillated or aroused by the contact. Real children are NEVER ready for the complex emotions that come with sexual contact with another person and if you or someone you know was touched sexually as a child then I urge you to get counseling. If you or someone you know is or was or has EVER become aroused by or sexually touched a child then I URGE YOU for the safety of children you come into contact with - GET HELP. If you TRULY love the child you touch, you will want to keep them safe - FROM YOU. (Many pedophiles believe that they really do 'love' the children they touch.


Going along with this... If you have some moral outrage regarding Lolicon: I DO NOT CARE. My readers don't care. NO ONE CARES about your butthurt regarding my writing that NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ. DON'T LIKE IT; DON'T READ IT!!

Flaming my lolicon fics will most likely cause me to 1) Ignore you 2)Write a lolicon fic dedicated to you 3)Write MOAR lolicon 4) Mock you, most likely publicly.

Oh, and I'm never going to stop writing and posting lolicon, if not here then elsewhere. I have a first amendment right to write what I want, and there will always be SOMEWHERE to host it.

My Policy Regarding 'Borrowing' from my Fics:

Lately I've been having a LOT of people who have PMed me to ask if they can use an idea from one of my stories. First off let me say how incredibly HONORED I feel that anyone would want to use one of MY ideas for a story... That is just... WOW. AWESOME. You guys (my readers) are WONDERFUL and I LUFFS you ALL.

Here is my standard response: If it is an idea that is common in fandom, then you don't even have to ask... IF, however, it is an idea or concept that is solely mine (i.e. Rin giving birth like she did in 'Beautiful 3 - Shinnoumaru), then you do NOT have to PM me to ASK if you can use it. Simply put my author's name (Ravyn Skye), the idea you are using, and tell others THE NAME of the FIC and/or CHAPTER you are borrowing from. A link to either me or my fics would be super-de-douper nice, but isn't all together necessary XD. I WOULD however, request that you PLEASE PM me telling me where I can find your fic, once it is published, so I can skeedaddle my little behind on over and leave you a super nice REVIEW for you fic! (In FACT, I LOVE when you guys contact me and tell me about your fics so I can go and read them and leave you a nice review. IT MAKES MY DAY to read to read other's writing!)


I know that FANDOM has a lot of people who use Japanese honorifics all the time...

I AM NOT A -SAMA, or a -Senpai, or a -DONO, or THE GODS FORBID a -Sensei... I am JUST RavynSkye... I'm JUST a writer in front of a computer who writes as a HOBBY... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand that I am NOT 'above' you. If you MUST use an honorific for me, you may use either -san or -kun (-chan is a bit familiar XD).

I also YES, happen to have a basic understanding of the Japanese language... This does NOT make me your SENSEI... This does not mean that I am 'above' filling my fics with basic or sometimes even INCORRECT terms that are popular. For example: 'Anata' for 'Beloved' when really most of the time anata is just a friendly way of saying 'you'. I go with the Japanese people seem to KNOW, For example: 'Musume no Sesshoumaru' vs 'Kono kowa oujo-san no Sesshoumaru-sama desu'. I don't mind answering questions IF I CAN - but I'm NOT AN EXPERT on Japanese.

Thank You so much to all my readers, again. You guys, your reviews, your PM's, etc., keep me motivated in the 'dark times' to continue writing, when I may otherwise have given up long ago.

I can never repay you guys for the boost in moral.

Hope to hear from you soon and warmest regards!

Ravyn Skye
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