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User Name:Airenya
Last Visited On:Mar. 15th, 2013, 14:11:15, PDT
Registered On:May 05, 2010
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Biography:A little warning before readin': I'm not very good at English, niether spelling, grammar or put words in understandable sentences, so I'm sorry in advice for my very bad writin'.

I am from somewhere in some veeery boring city, so I've been found myself writing fictions (in my own native language) for some years now, but usually I don't feel to publish them somewhere.

I really like red-headed characters (specially those with red eyes too :Q_), so much many of my stories are about one of them (usually Gojyo or Renji, who have the advantage to be both very fun characters which is fun to write on, but with some strong background for angsty fiction too).
Sometimes I pick up a fiction I wrote in one character's setting and I rewrote it with characters and background taken from other. I like to see what can happen if I change something in a wrote story. And many times I pick ideas for new stories from fiction I read around (no worry, if I write a fiction based on someone's one, I will ask comments and permission if I want to publish it). I think I'm becoming graphomaniac. And I really don't care.

I really suck at writing comic fiction, so many of mine are about someone who likes to screw up the main character's life in some way (and now I wander how many times they end up hurting ).
I think I will ask you for some reviews (at least to know if my english is too far from an understandable language for you XD).
I'm trying to learn the language here. It's hard work, but someone has to do it.
Until then, probably I will hurt my characters in so many ways. I'm worried if I'm a little too sadistic with them :\
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