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User Name:ZonaRose
Last Visited On:Nov. 03rd, 2015, 12:47:35, PST
Registered On:July 07, 2011
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:All About Me! ^_^

Name: Tracie but I like to be called ZonaRose

Gender: Female * _~

Girlfriend: I don't have one at this time, but I will again some day. ^_^

Birthday: 03/15/1972 Yes, I'm that old. v_v

Hometown: Chesterfield, Mass.

Live Now: Central, Fla.


Favorite Quotes:

Nanoha: Listen...
Raising Heart: Divine...
Nanoha: ...TO ME!
Raising Heart: ...Buster!


A little bit more about me. I love most animals, my favorite being horses. Next would be cats, dogs and birds but overall most animals.

I've been around from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada to the southernmost point Key West, Florida. Did this as a kid with my parents.

I have traveled from Florida to I 10 West to El Paso, Texas up I 25 to Denver, Colorado, took I 70 to I 80 E. to New York, then took I 90 E. towards Boston, Massachusetts went north on I-95 to Eastport, Maine then traveled down route one along Maine's beautiful coast, then hopped back onto I-95 South stayed a week in Washington DC and traveled back home to Florida. That was a trip, that my friend T and I took almost 2 years ago. (June of 2009)

Shortly after getting back from that trip. T and I had to make an emergency trip up to the North West corner of Arkansas, a little town named Gravette his brother had open-heart surgery, around Thanksgiving after we were done, visiting family and friends in that town. We went down to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a week. And then we headed home. Back to warm whether unless I have someone to snuggle up with I don't like cold weather. My friend T is gay as well as a Queen and I'm a lesbian, not that kind of snuggling.

I hope to see more of this great country of mine. My next plan to travel. I hope to do anime conventions around the country. Maybe someday even going over to Japan for some of their conventions. I know there's one in Orlando, Florida Megacon I think.


Other Information:

NOIR , MADLAX, BGC (Bubble Gum Crisis), MGLN (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha), Aoi Hana, Strawberry Panic, Kannazuki no Miko, Blue Drop :( , Sasameki Koto, So Ra No Wo To, Candy Boy, Strike Witches, CANAAN, and many more.

Mondlicht, Himegami, The Miko's Words and The Witches Incantations, Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel), Most Yuri Hime, plus all the for mentioned list of Animes.

Big into anime music I have found some good sites for downloads. These sites ask for donations small or big it's up to you. I like AVM's too. One of my favs is Crush and Burn/Strawberry Panic on youtube.



I Write Yuri:

FanFiction.Net / Pen Name is ZonaRose

FictionPress.Net / Pen Name is ZonaRose

Yuri Web Sites:

Just to name a few. (Loves to take cold showers!)

www.eliteyurilovers.com / I am a member (zonarose) anime and FF.

www.shoujoai.com / Love to read/Hot need a cold shower on some of this.

www.nanofate.us / I am a member ZonaRose/HOT!!! Need a cold shower on some of this.

www.solelo.com / Good reading/Hot need a cold shower on some of this.

www.dynasty-scans.com / Good reading/Hot need a cold shower on some of this.


Love of My Life: The girl I love (A.J.) works at Disney. She doesn't know I love her or that I'm a lesbian also. I haven't seen her in over three years. One day I will find a way to let her know that I have feelings for her. ^_^

Well this is all I think I will say for now. Please Take Care of Me. ;D

In Love and Light,

Zona Rose @};-
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