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User Name:LittleBlue33
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Biography:Kanai (Kuh-naEYE)- Born in Pride lands. Medium to dark brown pelt. Her underbelly and muzzle are light brown. Eyes are medium blue. She has a dark brown tail fluff and inner ear. Nose is round (example, Simba) and pink in color. Mother of Tali and Mani.

Tamani (Tah-mah-nee)- Born in Pride lands, dull and light orange pelt, peach underbelly and muzzle. Her eyes are purple, and she has brown inner ears, and a red-ish brown tail fluff. Nose is round and light brown.

Sanai (Sah-naEYE)- Born in Pride lands, peach pelt, light peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Brown inner-ear and tail fluff. Round salmon colored nose. Yellow eyes.

Jamey (Jah-MAY)-Born in Pride lands, dark peach pelt, light peach underbelly and muzzle, round pink nose. brown inner-ear and inner eyes. Dark Brown tail fluff, and green eyes. She has an odd black triangle marking under her right eye.

Mairu-(My-ROO) Born in outlands. Old, wise. Light brown pelt, lighter brown underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown tail fluff, and around eyes. Brown inner-ear. pointed nose (example, Scar) which is black. Red eyes.

Sanu- (Sah-new) Born in outlands, moody personality, light gray pelt, white underbelly, paws and muzzle. Black tail fluff. Dark gray inner-ear. Pointed black nose. Blue eyes. Odd circular markings under left eye. (as seen in TLK2. Some call her Spotty? Or Dotty? I don't know which)

Tima-(Tee-muh) Born in outlands, Talkative, friendly personality. Deep Yellow-ish pelt, peach underbelly, toes and muzzle. Brown upper eye, peach under eye. Brown in ears. round pink nose, black tail fluff, and red eyes. Her cheeks fluff out (like Kovu). Odd triangle marking under left eye.

Tikana(Tee-kah-nah)-Born in Outlands. Dark Gray pelt, light gray underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown inner eyes. Eyes are green. Inner ears are black along with the tail fluff. Notch in her left ear. Round black nose. Cheeks are kinda fluffed out, but still kinda rounded. (made this own trait up myself!)

Omaru-(Oh-mar-oo)-Born in Outlands. Medium gray pelt, dark brown inner eye, inner ear, and tail fluff. Lighter gray underbelly and muzzle. Cheeks fluff out. Eyes are blue.

Jika- (Gee-Kuh) Born in outlands. Jika is strong. She has battle scars. Prominent ones above her nose, and on her hindquarters. Gray brown pelt, light peach underbelly, toes, muzzle. Inner eyes are dark brown. Pointed brown nose. Dark brown inner ear and tail fluff. Rounded cheeks.

Toni -(Toe-Nee) Ciara's mother. Born in Outlands. Pelt is a yellow-ish color, but more blond. Inner ear is dark brown. Peach underbelly, inner eyes and muzzle. Nose is pointed brown. Tail fluff is an odd bright blond. Eyes are ice blue. Toni has an odd tuft of hair. It looks like this http://edward-elric32.deviantart.com/gallery/24226658?offset=48#/d2fa1gb (Toni is on the left, Kanai is on the right)

Tali-(Tah-Lee) Born in Pridelands. Daughter of Kanai. Light brown pelt, peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Dark brown spot on the back of each ear, same color as her rounded nose. Eyes light blue.

Mani-(Mah-Nee) Born in pride lands. Son of Kanai. Brown pelt. His hair tuft is similar to cub Kovu's. It is dark-ish brown along with tail fluff. Peach underbelly, muzzle and toes. Yellow eyes. Dark brown spot on the back of each ear, same color as his rounded nose.

A list of my TLK3:RJ characters. Will add TLK 4:AST characters soon. Characters (C) to me.

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