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User Name:fanficlover1369
Name/Nick:Angelus Mykeal Xayne
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Biography:Hi there I am a person who love to write and I like to tell stories so this is who I am. I ask for others to tell their friends about the stuff they read here. I am a artist but only of the word not of pictures and the alike. I love good drawings but I don't have the talent for it.

Below is a link to the place you can give points. If you want but would be happily accepted. If I get enough I can get a premium membership and make more interesting contests. :) best wish and Cheers.

Kagome: Do I ever cross your mind?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Do you like me?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Do you want me?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Would you cry if I left?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Would you live for me?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Would you do anything for me?

Inuyasha: No

Kagome: Choose--me or your life

Inuyasha: My life

Kagome runs away in shock and pain and Inuyasha runs after her and says...

The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.
The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.
The reason I don't want you is because I need you.
The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.
The reason why I'm not willing to do you anything for you is because I would do everything for you.
The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.

Normal people: Don't believe in demons, there's no way they exist.

Inuyasha Fans: Believe in them because they are in human form like Sexy Sesshomaru-sama!

Normal people: Don't believe in time travel.

Inuyasha Fans: Shove those people down the bone eaters well.

Normal people: Throw away a rusty old sword.

Inuyasha Fans: Keep it! It could be Tetsusaiga! (Then Inuyasha'll come and get it

Normal people: Wouldn't take the risk if it meant endangering themselves.

Inuyasha Fans: Go for it! Inuyasha'll protect us! (Or Sesshomaru if you're a friend of Rin)

Normal people: Don't care about the moon.

Inuyasha Fans: Obsess over the moon. It's Inuyasha's time of the month (Well that sounded wrong :P )

Normal people: Think animal parts on humans are freaky.

Inuyasha Fans: Love animalistic features! Ears for Inuyasha! Tails for Sesshomaru and Koga! Fangs for all and claws for all! And Fox feet for Shippo-chan!

Normal people: Call Inuyasha a childish cartoon.

Inuyasha Fans: Instantly duck and cover as the demons take revenge... then join in. Or Even better, become assassins for those who dare to call it a cartoon!

Normal people: Don't realize what the drop in temperature means.

Inuyasha Fans: Know that Kikyo (the slut!!!) is lurking about eating souls of innocent women. (Zombi woman! Run for your lives! AHHHH!)

Normal people: Say that money is power.

Inuyasha Fans: Wave the Sacred jewel around and wish for more than that. (Maybe a boy character or two...)

Normal people: Hit the person who just groped them and think they are sick.

Inuyasha Fans: Know that it's only Miroku's incarnation or one of his lectures decendants... (Then hit them anyway)

Normal people: Don't think a boomarang could be a weapon.

Inuyasha Fans: Introduce the none believers to Sango in a rage.

Normal people: Think long haired boys are girly.

Inuyasha Fans: Wouldn't ever cut a teenager boy's hair if he looked like one of the hotties!

Normal people: Wouldn't know why the wind suddenly blew them over.

Inuyasha Fans: Know it's Kagura having a hissy fit when someone flirts with Sesshomaru.

Normal people: Would suddenly find themselves knocked out when they flirted with Kagome.

Inuyasha Fans: Would know better and would stay away from 'The hanyou's girl' on pain of death and a lot of Inuyasha beatings for being too close to his koishii.

Normal people: Wouldn't copy and past this because they wouldn't know what the hell this was about because they are NORMAL!!

Inuyasha Fans: Would instantly copy and past this to show the world how proud they are to be Inuyasha fans and would recomend it to all their friends! We Love it!

When you know you're totally and utterly obsessed with Inuyasha

4. You get a tattoo of a spider on your back
5. You get tattoos on your face like Sesshoumaru
6. You transplant doggy ears on your head
7. You grow your hair really long and dye it white
8. You grow your hair really long and dye it black
9. You sign up for archery lessons

10. You get your nails done and go around slashing at people yelling CLAWS OF STEEL!
11. You force your sister to bleach her hair white
12. You force your other sister to wear red contacts and carry a fan around
13. You buy a giant boomerang
14. Your laugh sounds like this: "kukuku..."
15. You despise everyone around you for being human
16. You carry a pelt around your shoulder and tell everyone it's a tail
17. You really really really want to train and grow up to be a monk or a priestess but your parents wont let you
18. You carry jingling staff around town touching women
19. You like guys with pointy ears and long hair
20. You like girls in school girl uniforms
21. You wear nothing but kimonos
22. You carry around a hair spray n spray it in other people's faces yelling POISON WHIP!
23. You look up your ancestral history to see whose reincarnation you are
24. You jump in to every well you see and get yelled at by the police
25. You buy a fox pet and name it shippo
26. You buy a cat pet n draw all over its body to make it look like Kirara
27. You name your children after the characters
28. You move to japan
29. You buy a fake shikon jewel and carry it around your neck, chanting
30. When you die you want to be cremated, just like Kikyo
31. You make your boyfriend get gold contacts and dye it white n buy him fake ears
32. You make your girlfriend short green skirts and green white n red top
33. Your nickname for your lover is fluffy
34. You shout SIT many times when you get mad
35. You miss all your exams
36. You know all there is to know about sengoku jidai. you're an expert
37. You have a phobia of the new moon
38. You clutch your chest and fall over constantly
39. You eat instant ramen and udon every single day
40. You call yourself Lord of the Western Lands. That's how you head school papers.
41. You are afraid to look directly in a mirror because it'll steal your soul
42. You try to find where Kagome's shrine home is
43. Call your brother Sota even though it's not his name
44. You love fans. you always have one with you and if you see someone you dont like you wave it in front of them and say DANCE OF THE DEAD!
45. You have your tailor make a taijiya outfit for you

46. An ambulance has to come and help you out of a well because a 'demon pulled you in'

47. You put on all red and run into a burning building, thinking that your 'Fire Rat Kimono' will stop you from burning up.

48. You make a list of reasons why InuYasha shoud choose Kagome over Kikyou

49. You try to do numerous stunts while wearing a short green skirt, thinking that it wont ever fly up.

50. You run into the woods and look around for anyone pinned to a tree with an arrow.

51. You get into trouble after pulling out your dog's tooth so you could 'give it to Totosai so he could make another Tetsusaiga'

52. You carry around a fluffy white boa

53. When your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is found kissing someone else you insist that it's only because you're only their reincarnation.

54. You get sent to the hospital when you were attacked by a stray dog when you tried to feel it's ears.

55. You put a rosary around someone that is bugging you, you tell them to sit and then get mad when they don't fall face-first onto the ground.

56. You grow out your nails, sharpen them, and then when someone pisses you off you just say 'Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!'

57. When it's storming out you scream that the Thunder Brothers are back and we have to save all the foxes!

58. You buy purple eye shadow and insist that it's the same kind Naraku wears.

59. When someone brings an oriental fan to school you destroy it and when you get in trouble you say that Kagura was going to kill everyone

1) Do not piss off Kaguya. This is a very important thing.

2) Do not kidnap Rin. Or you will end up a victim of Sesshoumaru's sword.

3) Do not whatsoever take Sango from Miroku. He will most likely either suck you into the Wind Tunnel, use his sutras, or bash your head in.

4) Do not take the Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha will go demon on you and most likely destroy you.

5) If Kagome says don't touch him, do not touch him. She is his, and he is hers. If you touch either, I myself will personally eat you.

6) Must I say it again. Kikyou is already dead. Maybe she can find Naraku in the Netherworld and they can marry. That means she can stop stealing Kagome's soul and Kagome can be with Inuyasha. Which goes back to Rule #5. Do not touch Kagome's man.

7) Do not speak with Sesshoumaru about the Tetsusaiga. You will end up sliced in half.

8) If Inuyasha goes full demon, do not just stand there and go "Oh s*". Turn and run as fast your little legs can carry you.

9) When battling Ryuukotsusei, do not listen to Totosai or Myouga. They tell you to run. Inuyasha proved them wrong when he killed Ryuukotsusei, so follow his lead.

10) Whatever you do, do not. Take. Kagome. Inuyasha will have your head in five seconds flat.

11) Do not mention Tetsusaiga to Sesshoumaru. You will become food for Ah-Uhn.

12) Yes, we know Sesshy's mokomoko is fluffy. I would suggest not to touch it, however, or you will be left in pieces.

13) We all know that Sesshy and Inuyasha are dog demons, or half dog demon in Inu's case. Do not make dog jokes, however, or call them a dog. That may cause them to work together.

14) If Sesshoumaru smiles, someone's dying before sundown. If he laughs, run like hell and hope you make it to the mountains in the next ten seconds.
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