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User Name:LuNoin
Last Visited On:Aug. 13th, 2002, 19:22:45, PDT
Registered On:December 12, 2001
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:Hi. Watashi wa Aura desu. Okay, that's about the extent of my japanese language knowledge. As you may guess, I love anime. I'm 18 years old and my fave anime and game series are:
*Trigun (vash+meryl , wolfwood+milly , knives+meryl/jessica , legato+me - I'm kidding, he's just soooo hot ^^)
*Zenki (sayaka+inugami)
*Inu-Yasha (sango+miroku , inu-yasha+kagome , love Fluffy, but don't know whom to pair him with)
*Digimon (Miyaken , Mimoe)
*Slayers (Xellos+Filia)
*Ranma (akane+ranma , shampoo+mousse , kasumi+tofu)
*Gundam Wing (noin+zechs , duo+hilde , quatre+trowa)
*Ruouni Kenshin (misao+aoshi)
*Magic Knight Rayearth (fuu+ferio)
*Mars (Rei+Kara)
*Card Captor Sakura (eriol+tomoyo , yue+ruby moon, yukito+touya)
*Weiss Kreuz (omi+---- , nagi+toto)
*eva (hikari+touji)
*sailormoon (ami+taiki, ami+saphire)
there's lot more, but I'm pretty sure you haven't read this far so there's no point in writting more.
pa fuera la marina de vieques!!
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