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User Name:Evil_pikachu
Name/Nick:Francis Harbord
Last Visited On:Nov. 07th, 2017, 20:09:24, PST
Registered On:May 05, 2013
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Biography:Evil Pikachu:

Hi my name is Evil Pikachu (I'm not telling you my real name) and I am the greatest scientific mad man... ...I mean Pikachu (or not) on the world, I write when I am bored and I am very lazy so I will probably not update much. My interests are doing things, evil things such as Jaywalking, Paying with only penny's, Drinking milk from the bottle, Making PS Vita's memory cards, Supporting crappy games, making robots and posting stories (I think.)

I am 23 I think (or am I?) and I live in Evil Pikachu Fun Land (the greatest place ever) in the UK (United Kingdom.) My occupations are Scientist, Overlord and God, I have two companies (not) EP Inc. and Evil Pikachu Fun Land and the school where learnt everything is at Evil Pikachu Uni.

For those who want to make their own version of my story (stories), you can especially if you can make a better story just PM me links to your stories to read them.

If you want anything just PM me

My Suggestion Box: http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Suggestion-Box/132018/

Other Sites:

My Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/~evilpikachu or http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3772902/

My Deviantart: http://evilpikachuover9000.deviantart.com/

My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evilpikachuover9000

My Yoyogames: http://www.sandbox.yoyogames.com/users/evil%20pikachu

A Youtube of Two stupid morons (including me) who play video game: https://www.youtube.com/user/GameWrecks Our website: http://gamewrecks.site11.com/ Use this to socialize about our videos.

Current story: Dragon Ball: Pan's Adventure Ninja Dimension Saga (Currently writing and having bad writer's block)

Possible Future stories:

A prequel to my first story, A Dragon Ball Z - GT Baby Saga type of story.

A Sequel to my first story Naruto in the Dragon Ball universe type of story.

Ed Edd & Eddy/Legend of Zelda Crossover.

A Sonic the hedgehog story from his beginning, a mix of game, animated/cartoon and maybe comics.
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