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User Name:Chibi Michi
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~Tsumi Prologue

~Untitled Kenkaru (Ken x Hikaru)

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I love crossovers! I support yaoi couples, especially Digimon ones. I like Kensuke, Yamasuke, Daichi (trying to find one of these) and Daikeru. I also support straight couples such as Michi (Taichi and Mimi), Mimato, Kenmi and Daimi. I like Heero/Usagi pairings. I like all pairings that have to do with Usagi. Cuz, Usagi and Mimi are the best anime characters there is. Michiru is the best outer senshi. I like to see a good Michiru/Haruka fanfic. I also support Ferio/Fuu. Even thought Ferio had no use in MKR2. I mean, he comes in to save Fuu as she is WALKING out the door. Oh, and Lantis, he...when Hikaru says "I love You Lantis" he going to say "And I you" like he couldn't add in two words. Hmm...let's see, Umi is like a playerette almost. Having both Clef and Ascot (Ascot is the kawaiiest character!). And I wish Clef looked like he did in the OAV all the time. Oh, yeah! Ferio had this country accent in the OAV (I'm going by the dubb, cuz, that was all I could find). And Ceres in the OAV, he sound like he was drunk.
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