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User Name:Mar
Name/Nick:Maricruz Covarrubias
Last Visited On:Sep. 06th, 2021, 22:50:59, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2001
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Before I say anything I just wanted to make some things clear. Warning: Some ranting and meanness will occur in this profile.

First of all, I hate it when people ask me "How am I doing?" That's put a lot of pressure on me because to me that means "Do you have a life yet?" or "Are you homeless yet?" Now people ask me that a lot more ever since my mother past away. And I always answer "I'm fine" or "I'm okay." Which in my opinion is a polite way of saying "Leave me alone." It's not that I'm trying to drive people away, I'm saying that I am boring. And no I am not homeless. As long as my dad and I are still alive and we still have money in the bank and still afford to buy food, clothing, and shelter, we are fine.

Second, I don't do conversations. Conversations are for people who have a life. I don't have a life. I'm boring. That's why I hate it when people ask me "What you been doing?" Nothing exciting ever happens to me every day you know. I don't have anything exciting nor fun to do If I did I will tell you. There's no need to ask. The only fun things I ever do is write fanfiction and go to Bingo.

Third, please, for the love of George Carlin, don't ask me "Anything new?" This is my life. All I ever do is eat, sleep, watch TV, play real life bingo, and take an occasional walk.

And forth for the sake of humanity, please oh please, do not say "Go get a job." You think I haven't tried? I've been filling up applications since I was 19 and I've been looking for a job ever since my family and I moved to Rockport, Texas. No one wants hire of me because I don't have a job. The only real job I ever did had was being a care taker to my late mother's old bingo buddy who died in April 2008.

So please if you ever see me on the net or in real life, please do not ask me anything of those things above. Thank you.

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.

Now returning to the profile already in progress.

I am a selfish self-center person who doesn't care about her friends and never talks to them nor take any interests in them.

I was born in Sept. 4th, 1976. A female web surfer. I live with my father and uncle and I have two older brothers.

I have brown eyes and black hair. Full figure.

Please do not click my Devaint Art link for I have deactivate that account.

My portfolio: https://richard01848haeg.wixsite.com/maricruzcovarrubia-1

Also, please don't ask me to RP.

Plus, it's okay to leave me comments in my galleries, in fact I encourage it.

I will only accept request and art trades from people who are on my friends list. If you are not my friend then you must commission me for an artwork. I won't do nudity, sexual situations/intercourse, violence and killings and torture, abuse, and fetishes. And please don't add me on your lists just to get free art.

These are the fandoms I can do: Casper's Scare School, Dragonball Z/Kai/Super/GT, Ranma 1/2, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Sonic the Hedgehog(Archie/SATAM).

All my commissioned art will be full colored.



One character:



$1.50-Full Body

Two characters:



$3.00-Full Bodies

3 and more characters:



$7.50-Full Bodies


Objects[food, toys, books, tools, furniture, any modes of transportation, weapons{but not for killing}, ect.]-$0.50




What I love:

Canon/Fan character pairing

Canon/Oc pairing

Fan character/Oc pairing

Cula and Hana

Zizi and Kebi

Kong Kong


Thatch(Casper's Scare School)

Ariel(Disney's The Little Mermaid)



Happy Endings

Vampire/Human love stories, especially if the human decides to be a vampire or the other way around or stay the way they are.



Doing Nothing

Fan Art


Casper's Scare School

Flurry Heart(MLP:FIM)

Twilight/Flash shipping

Discord/Steve Magnet shipping




People who like me and accepted me for who I am.






Going to Market Weekend with my dog, but not during the summer.


What I hate:



Sad Endings



Dealing with stuff

Doing anything



Getting up to close my door whenever dogs go in and out of my room.

People who get mad when their artwork or story just get favorited without commenting.

People who force themselves and/or their interests on to me.


People who force me to be something that I'm not nor want to be.






Explaining because I have give an explanation of the explanation.



People who want me to be in a committed relationship or romantically involve online with them.

Single straight men, of any age (young or old) who are not in a relationship/dating, want to friend me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media.

People who tell me to watch them back after watching me.

People who tell me to check out their gallery.

People who use comments of my uploads and posts to advertise their work.

I'm the worst friend in God. I am never there for someone. I use people just ask art requests and co-authors. I've never done a good deed. I don't help solve people's problems. I don't give advise. I never done any volunteer work. I don't help. I don't give blood. I don't save lives. I'm not helping the environment. I don't try new things. I can't save the Earth. I can't save the solor system. I can't save the galaxy. I can't save the universe. I can't save God.

I'm always saying/doing things without thinking. I hurt people without even knowing it. I never do anything right. I always get everything wrong. I can't anything perfectly right the first time. I lose in every argument. I have no intelligence. I have no mind, no heart, and no soul. I never learned how to drive. I don't care about anyone but myself and I'm afraid of anything and everything. I'm good for nothing.

I'm the worst friend but the best enemy you would ever have. If I'm on your friends list please delete me from it. If I've request you to be my friend, denied it and have me block. If you want me to leave this site I'll will do so.

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