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User Name:Mar
Name/Nick:Maricruz Covarrubias
Last Visited On:Feb. 07th, 2019, 00:54:40, PST
Registered On:August 08, 2001
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Before I say anything I just wanted to make some things clear. Warning: Some ranting and meanness will occur in this profile.

First of all, I hate it when people ask me "How am I doing?" That's put a lot of pressure on me because to me that means "Do you have a life yet?" or "Are you homeless yet?" Now people ask me that a lot more ever since my mother past away. And I always answer "I'm fine" or "I'm okay." Which in my opinion is a polite way of saying "Leave me alone." It's not that I'm trying to drive people away, I'm saying that I am boring. And no I am not homeless. As long as my dad and I are still alive and we still have money in the bank and still afford to buy food, clothing, and shelter, we are fine.

Second, I don't do conversations. Conversations are for people who have a life. I don't have a life. I'm boring. That's why I hate it when people ask me "What you been doing?" Nothing exciting ever happens to me every day you know. I don't have anything exciting nor fun to do If I did I will tell you. There's no need to ask. The only fun things I ever do is write fanfiction and go to Bingo.

Third, please, for the love of George Carlin, don't ask me "Anything new?" This is my life. All I ever do is eat, sleep, watch TV, play real life bingo, and take an occasional walk.

And forth for the sake of humanity, please oh please, do not say "Go get a job." You think I haven't tried? I've been filling up applications since I was 19 and I've been looking for a job ever since my family and I moved to Rockport, Texas. No one wants hire of me because I don't have a job. The only real job I ever did had was being a care taker to my late mother's old bingo buddy who died in April 2008.

So please if you ever see me on the net or in real life, please do not ask me anything of those things above. Thank you.

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.

Now returning to the profile already in progress.

I am a 33 year old female web surfer. I live with my father and I have two older brothers.

I have brown eyes and dark brown/black hair. Full figure.

My hobbies are shopping, going to movies, collecting anime, comic books, regular books, movies, music, web surfing, watching TV, listening to music, drawing and writing fanfiction.

I like anime, movies, music, kids, animals, people with good souls, vacations, freedom, free will, free thinking, free spirits, freedom of expression, crossovers, crossover fanfiction

My favorite crossover couplings are Trunks/Usagi(Serena-Sailor Moon), Mousse/Minako(Mina-Sailor Venus), Ranma/Makoto(Lita-Sailor Jupiter), Ryoga/Ami Mizuno(Amy-Sailor Mercurey), Bra(Bura-Bulla) Briefs-Vegeta/Mousse, Inuyasha/Ami Mizuno, Sesshomaru/Rei Hino, Bra Briefs-Vegeta/Inuyasha, Daria/Mousse, Jane/Ranma, Daria/Trunks, Jane/Goten, Raven/Trunks

My favorite anime pairings are Bulma/Vegeta, Goku/ChiChi, Krillin/Eighteen, Tarble/Gure

My favorite fanfic couplings are Bra Briefs-Vegeta/Seventeen(Android 17), Seto(Kaiba)/Serenity(Wheeler) Naruto/Hinata, Mousse/FOC(female original character), Ranma/FOC, Serena/MOC(male original character)

I hate it when people who I don't have anything in common with asking me if they want to be my friend, I hate telemarketer, answering the phone, clingy people, people who hang my every word, people who tried to get to know me, people who find me fansinating, medical commercials, explaing anything to people, nosy people, people who snoop around my life, people who pried into my life, people who talk during bingo (especially when I get close to winning), people who talk about their medical conditions/ailments to me, people who talk about their problems to me, chit-chat, conversations, sports, insects (except for butterflies and honey bees), spiders, snakes, extremely happy people, interruptions, love, relationships, marriage, mushy romantic stuff, couples who call each other sickening sweet pet names, child and animal abuse and exploitation, chains (whether they are regular or e-mail), people with evil souls, sports, racism, sexism, predijuice, players, oppression, capitalism, communism, politics, doctors, going to the bathroom, pain, suffering, getting my time of the month, people who have little or nothing on their online profiles who only ask me to be their friend so that they can gain points to purchase pretend stuff, and anything else that is evil.

My fears are death, falling, dating, and commitment.

My flaws are that I'm self-center, I stutter when I talk to people and I don't announciate, I believe that no one wants to be my friend, I'm a klutz, I'm a retard, I always think that the world revolves around me, I saying/doing things without thinking, my fattness, my ugliness, no balance, no intelligence, no mind, no heart, no soul, I get distracted real easily, I question everything, my lack of belief in God(nor do I believe that he ever truely like me. I don't think God even likes me. I don't believe God ever made me.), no focus, and I'm nearsighted.

My favorite anime series are Naruto, Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Tenchi Muyo/Universe, Hellsing, DragonBall Z, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D, Inyuasha, Master of Mosquiton, Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Vampire Princess Miyu.

My favorite American cartoons are Family Guy, American Dad, Teen Titans, The Simpsons, South Park, Daria, The Smurfs, The Snorks.

My favorite comic books is Sonic the Hedgehog.

My favorite regular TV series are Dharma and Greg, Ugly Betty, Clean House, Off Beat America, What's With That House, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), Whose Line Is It Anyway (with Drew Carey), America's Funniest Home Videos (with Bob Saget), Night Court, Pimp my Ride, Malcom in the Middle, Angel, Charmed, Comedy Central Presents, Premium Blend, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Unwrapped, Top 5, Secret Life Of..., Friends, Root of all Evil, Comedy Central's The Gong Show

My favorite movies are Movies I already have- 3 Disney Dalmations, 2 Ace Ventura movies, 3 The Addams Family movies, Adventures in Babysitting, 3 Aladdin movies, The Aristocats, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Beauty and the Beast, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, 2 Beethoven movies, Beetlejuice, Benny and Joon, 3 Blade movies, Brothers Grimm, 3 Carrie movies, Cecil B. Demented, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2 The Chronicles of Narnia, 2 versions of Cinderella, The Corpse Bride, 3 Dune movies, 2 versions of Cry Baby, Cutthroat Island, 2 Dr. Dolittle movies, Dr. Seuss's: Horton Hears A Who!, The Dark Crystal, Disturbing Behavior, 2 versions of Dracula, Edward Scissorhands, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Fifth Element, George of the Jungle, 2 Ghostbusters movies, 2 Godzilla movies, The Goonies, 2 Grease movies, The Great Mouse Detective, 5 Muppet movies, 2 Gremlins, 2 Hairspray movies, 5 Harry Potter movies, The Haunted Mansion, The Haunting, Hotel For Dogs, Howl's Moving Castle, 2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 2 Anne Rice Vampire movies, Jawbreakers, King Kong, Labrynth, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Legend, 2 Lion King movies, The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors, 3 The Lord of the Rings movies, The Lost Boys, Love at first Bite, Mama Mia, 2 Manniquin movies, The Mask, Matilda, 2 M.I.B movies, 3 The Mummy movies, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Once Bitten, Oliver and Company, Pete's Dragon, 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Princess Mononoke, Repo The Genetic Opera, Return to Oz, Robin Hood, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Robots, 2 Rock and Roll High School movies, Rockula, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Romeo and Juliet, The School of Rock, 2 Scooby-Doo movies, The Shadow, 2 Short Circuit movies, Sleeping Beauty, Sleepy Hollow, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 3 Spider-Man movies, Spirited Away, Stargate, 6 Star Wars movies, Tank Girl, The Three Musketeers, To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar, Toys, Transformers, Undercover Blues, 3 Underworld movies, Vampire Effect, 2 Vampire Hunter D movies, Van Helsing, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wild Wild West, Willow, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 3 X-Men movies, Young Frankenstein

Movies I haven't gotten yet- Treasure Planet, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,

Movies I have seen in theaters- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

My favorite books are Ranma 1/2 (manga), Garfield books, Heathcliff books, Baby Blues books, research on the supernatural, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, vampire stories, witches stories.

Anime Characters I like.
DBZ: The Vegeta-Briefs Family, The Sons Family, Krillin's Family, Piccolo, Dende, 16, 17, Baba, Tarble, Gure, and Kami

Master Mosquiton: Mosquiton, Inaho, Hono, and Yuki

Nightwalker: The Midgnight Detective: Shido, Riho, Yayaoi, and Gunni

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge: Felicia, Dimitri, Morragan, and Johnathan Talebane

Pokemon: James and Pikachu

Ranma 1/2: Ranma, Mousse, Nodoka, and Kasumi

Inyuasha: Inyuasha, Sesshomaru, and Rin

SailorMoon: Serena, Molly, and Melvin

Spirited Away: Chihiro and Haku

Vampire Hunter D: D

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust: D

Vampire Princess Miyu: Miyu and Larva

Yu-Yu-Hakusho: The good guys

Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin, Kairo, Soto, and Yahiko

LupinIII: Lupin, Jigen, and Goeman

Hellsing: Alucard and Seras

Princess Mononoke: Ashitaka and Princess Mononoke

Spirited Away: Chihiro

Tenchi Muyo/Universe: Washu, Ryoko, Ayeka, Tenchi, Tsasami, Yosho, and Ryo-oki

Yu-Gi-Oh: Yugi/Yami, Tea, Tristan, Joey, Serenity, Seto, Mokuba, Yugi's Grandfather, and Mai

Naruto: Naruto and Hinata

Fruits Basket: Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Shigurae, Aiyame, Momiji, Hatori, Kagura, Uo, Hana, and the rest of the Sohma family

Kodocha: Sana, Misako, Rei, Akito, Tsioshi, Aiya, and Maru(the chipmunk)

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Chazz, Jaden, Syrus, Zane, Bastion, Alexus, Atticus, Hassleberry, Jesse, and Alexander Phoenix.

Anime characters I don't like:
DBZ: All those so-called super villians, Mr. Satan, Majin Buu, Yamcha, Roshi, and Oolong

Master Mosquiton: Count Sangermain, Camille, and Rasputin

Nightwalker:The Midnight Detective: Cane

Night Warriors:Darkstalkers Revenge: The robots

Pokemon: Jessie

Ranma 1/2: Akane, Shampoo, Kodachi, Ukyo, Happosai, Cologne, Genma, Kuno, Principal Kuno, and Soun

Inyuasha: That little flea servant, the villians, Jarken, Kagome, Kikyo, Miraku, Sango, and Shippo

SailorMoon: Everyone else

Spirited Away: Yubaba

Vampire Hunter D: The Villians

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust: The Countess

Vampire Princess Miyu: The Shinma

Yu-Yu-Hakusho: The bad guys.

Rurouni Kenshin: The villians.

LupinIII: Fujiko

Hellsing: The freaks

Princess Mononoke: The villagers of Iron City

Tenchi Muyo/Universe: Tenchi's father

Yu-Gi-Oh: Rex and Weevil

Naruto: Sakura

Fruits Baskets: The Yuki Fan Club

Kodocha: Akito's old Monkey Gang

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Dr. Crawler

American cartoon characters I like:

Teen Titans: Robin and Starfire

Gary the Rat: Gary

Stripperella: Erotica/Stripperella

The Simpsons: Bart and Lisa

South Park: Pretty much everyone

Daria: Daria, Jane, and Trent

The Smurfs: Brainy

The Snorks: Junior

Sonic the Hedgehog (the original ABC SATAM version): Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine.

American cartoon characters I don't like:

Teen Titans: Kitten, Control Freak, and Mad Mod

Gary the Rat: Gary's boss

Stripperella: not sure

The Simpson: Mr. Burns

South Park: Wendy Testaburger

Daria: Quinn, Stacy, Sandy, Tiffany, Brittney, Kevin, Charles Ruttheimer III("Upchuck"), Joey, Jeffy, Jamie, Ms. Angela Li, and Mr. Timothy O'Neil

The Smurfs: Gargame, Azreal, and Scruple

The Snorks: Big Weed and Lil' Seaweed

Sonic the Hedgehog (the original ABC SATAM version): Robotnik and Snively.

My favorite kind of music are heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, rock, alternative rock, gothic, hip hop, rap, celtic.

I like Alien Ant Farm, Tori Amos, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Barenaked Ladies, Bon Jovi, The Cars, Faith and the Muse, Korn, Mediaeval Babes, Midnight Syndicate, Robert Miles, Moby, The Monkees, No Doubt, OMC, Kelly Osborne, Roxette, B-52s, The Beatles, Meredith Brooks, Daft Punk, Dio, Sheena Easton, Elastica, Fine Young Cannibals, Nicki French, Fleetwood Mac, Human Leauge, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Howard Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Len, Annie Lennox, Lisa Loeb, Loreena McKennitt, Madonna, Meat Loaf, New Radicals, Powerman 5000, Prince, The Proclaimers, Stevie Nicks, Real McCoy, Santana, Savage Garden, Shampoo, Sixpence Non the Richer, Starship, Bonnie Tyler, The Verve, The Vines, Weezer, System of a Down, Disturb, Drowning Pool, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, Blink 182, Shakira, Michelle Brach, Smash Mouth, Everclear, Green Day, Will Smith, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D, Styx, Sum 41, Sting, Stray Cats, Papa Roach, Crazy Town, Gorillaz, Godsmack, The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Evanescense, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Smash Mouth, Rob Zombie

My favorite foods are
Italian: Hello my name is Mari and I'm a pastaholic. Spaghetti, ravioli, linguini, fettechini, rigatoni, zeti, maccaroni, lassagna, any kind of pasta.

Comfort food: Fried chicken, turkey, chili dogs with cheese, pork chops, grilled cheese sandwiches, salads with bleu cheese or ranch dressing, steak, peanut butter sandwiches, meatball subs

vegetable: baked potato and broccoli with cheese.

sweets: cheesecake, fudge, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, puddings, brownies, pies, doughnuts, snow cones, pasteires.

ice cream: chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, rocky road, mint chocolate chip, strawberry and lemon-lime sherbert.

desserts: ice cream soda floats, sundaes, jello, chocolate milkshakes.

snack foods: dorito's nacho cheese, cheetos, potato chips, pringles, fritos, popcorn, honey roasted peanuts, cheese crackers

candies: reeses peanut butter cups, reeses pieces, nestle's crunch, snickers, milky way, m&ms, twix, jelly beans, holiday candies, boxed chocolates

side orders: french fries, rice, beans, ramen noodles.

fruit: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, rassberries, oranges, apples, pineapples, peaches.

pizza: pepperoni and sausage, hamburger, Canadian bacon.

drinks: sweet tea, colas, Dr. Pepper, root beer, Big Red, lemon-lime sodas, orange juice, apple juice, tropical punch, chocolate milk.

breakfast: pancakes, waffles, french toast, scrambled eggs, linked sausages, cereal.

Mexican: quesadellas, flautas, crispy tacos, chalupas, enchilladas, sopita, caldo, tamales.

soups: chicken noodle, creamy potato, cream of mushroom, broccoli and cheese, tomato

My heroes are My brothers Gus and Ben. John Waters, Tim Burton, Amy Brown (the artists), Brian Froud, George Carlin (may he live forever in our hearts and hbo reruns of his specials), Garfield, Jim Davis, Jim Carrey, Jet Li, Drew Carey, Jeff Duhnam, and Anne Rice.

I'm the worst friend in God. I am never there for someone. I use people just ask art requests and co-authors. I've never done a good deed. I don't help solve people's problems. I don't give advise. I never done any volunteer work. I don't help. I don't give blood. I don't save lives. I'm not helping the environment. I don't try new things. I can't save the Earth. I can't save the solor system. I can't save the galaxy. I can't save the universe. I can't save God.

I'm always saying/doing things without thinking. I hurt people without even knowing it. I never do anything right. I always get everything wrong. I can't anything perfectly right the first time. I lose in every argument. I have no intelligence. I have no mind, no heart, and no soul. I never learned how to drive. I don't care about anyone but myself and I'm afraid of anything and everything. I'm good for nothing.

I'm the worst friend but the best enemy you would ever have. If I'm on your friends list please delete me from it. If I've request you to be my friend, denied it and have me block. If you want me to leave this site I'll will do so.

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