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User Name:Sir Shootalot
Name/Nick:Not Your Business
Last Visited On:Nov. 16th, 2022, 08:30:20, PST
Registered On:October 10, 2021
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Biography:Hi all!

This is where I'm supposed to say a few words about myself. Well, where to begin...
I'm your average guy pretty much. I live in Hungary with my wife, been born and bred here. To me the most beautiful country in the world. So yeah, I count myself lucky in that department.

For, my hobbies... I like building models, listening to music, reading, writing stories, archery, and I love spending time with my pets. Currently the owner of a cheeky Jack Russel and a Siamese-Ragdoll cat. Yeah, I like them cheeky!

As for my profession, I'm a regimental linguist and instructor. The best job in the world really. I solve problems, meet a lot of interesting people, and help them find their inner strength.

In my writings, I like to explore human emotions, changes in personality, and the reasons behind these changes. I also like a good comedy! Nothing beats laughter.

As for what values I hold dear? Honesty, sincerity, honour, free thought (F* the self-righteous SJW trash!), and good old hard work. That should be enough!

Hope you enjoy my stories!

See ya!
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