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User Name:Ryu the Weredragon
Name/Nick:Timothy Jones
Last Visited On:Sep. 27th, 2007, 02:41:08, PDT
Registered On:February 02, 2002
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Biography:I'm A Fan of MANY Videogames, and Anime. Among them are (For Games) The Street Fighter Series, The Final Fight Series, The DarkStalkers Series, ALL Megaman Series, Breath of Fire 1-4, Ninja Gaiden/Ninja Ryukenden, Sonic the Hedgehog, ALL Shigeru Miyamoto Games, Final Fantasy 1-10, Chrono Trigger, King of Fighters (and all games connected to it), and Pokémon. Among My Favorite Anime are: Street Fighter the Animated Movie, Street Fighter Alpha, Rockman.EXE/Megaman NT Warrior, Ranma ˝, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, DragonBall Z, and Pokémon. You can see some of those in my writing... Also, I'm an avid fan of Transformations and Crossovers.

THURSDAY, September 27, 2007
Wow! Has it been THAT Long? YIKES! Sorry everyone, I've been extraordinarily busy, and I had misplaced my accound address for this.

Unfortunately, with the exception of Mewtwo Too, all the stories that I was working on were cancelled - though I plan on starting most of them again someday.
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