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User Name:Rhiannon McHugh
Name/Nick:Rhiannon (Rhi) McHugh
Last Visited On:Sep. 05th, 2001, 21:42:59, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2001
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:wolfwonderess
Biography:Oh gosh... This place is a LOT different from Fanfiction.Net... Please bear with me! Hehe... I have discovered already that HTML does not work here... Hoo boy...

Anyways... Hiya everyone! Well, anyways... here's some stuff about me! That's what this section is for, no?

Well, for starters, I'm an artist and writer and I have dreams of becoming a novelist. I am already working on a novel as I speak (er, type?) and I have countless ideas for books floating about in my mind.

However, I also write fan fiction, as I have found that it helps keep my creative juices flowing and besides... I can post my fan fictions on the web while I can't do that with my original stuff.

When I'm not writing I'm drawing/painting--mostly original works, though I do do some fan art here and there. I'm both an anime artist and a "realistic" artist--I'm usually out and about with friends or shopping. I happen to be a shop-a-holic and a thrift shop junkie. Well, ya know... I collect My Little Ponies and Care Bears, so...

I love honest feed back (as long as it's constructive critisism)! I also love to make new friends, so feel free to e-mail me or instant message me! Oh, and speaking of instant messaging... I also have MSN. My e-mail address for that is: wolfwonderess@hotmail.com (but please don't e-mail me stuff to that e-mail address. I tend to ignore all messaged sent there, hehe).

As for me... Well, I'm a 17 year old female goin' into my senior year in high school! Whoo hoo! I love hanging out with friends and having fun, I'm usually quite hyper, and... yeah. When i'm not out with friends, I'm usually writing poetry or stories or drawing something or I'm on the computer designing graphics and role-playing.

Well, that's all for now! Toodles!
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