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User Name:Kourika
Name/Nick:Jodi Scaife
Last Visited On:Aug. 07th, 2009, 19:03:07, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2001
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:I'm a 26 year old administrative assistant who has 2 BA's, one in Spanish and one in international studies concentration East Asia. I became a certified paralegal last September, but with the current job market plus my very specific field of interest (immigration law), I haven't been very successful in finding a job. Fortunately, I can stay on as a secretary in my current place of employment as long as necessary.

I'm a big anime fan, although I haven't written much in the way of fanfiction in several years. I'm also addicted to forensics and true crime shows, and a large portion of my free time at work is spent perusing The Crime Library for new stories.

I also am involved in various volunteer activities in my area including Charlyne's Pound Puppies, a rescue group for dogs based out of Thorndale and the local Humane Society.

I have three dogs myself: 2 "corridors"(corgi/lab mixes) and one Australian cattle dog mix. Miki(M), Suzuka(F), and Akane(F), all worship the ground their mommy walks on, and I do my best to live up to their high esteem of me!
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