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User Name:Rei the Angel
Name/Nick:Rebecca Randall
Last Visited On:Aug. 10th, 2003, 01:50:16, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2001
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Biography:Hello all! I'm Rei the Angel, I'm 12, and my interests include writing fanfics, naturally. I like to crack a joke every 10 minutes, over 50% of them horrible ones that no one gets, and I have my own made up characters that I draw all the time. One of them includes the ever-so-famous trademark of my success, the one, only...REI AKAGI! She is the main character in just about every fanfic I've ever written, along with her co-stars that follow her everywhere. Nikola Starfire, best friend since childhood. Speaks with a homeboy accent, has short, unruly red hair (We're talking RED red here, not carrot orange) and has the well-known trait of sticking by Rei, no matter what. Then there's Yoshi Kamiya, the young male who tags along with the girls. NOT Rei's boyfriend, has huge glasses, vivid purple hair that stands up like someone in Super Saiyan mode all the time and is the group's brains. And last but not least, the character which will hopefully soon have her own fic, Maxi-Tigra Avalon. As Rei's slightly older cousin, Maxi is the rowdy, in-your-face, go-to-hell-or-I'll-shove-my-foot-up-your-@$$-and-send-you-there, party girl. But that's not all she's known for. With tanned skin and dark hair to kill for, Maxi just has a teeny little secret she wants everyone to know about...she's more feline tan you'd think. She has a tiger tail and ears for God's sake! So you have the perfect team for mayhem. And you can see I'm very weird, yet I'm no baka. Until later!

-Rei the Angel
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