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User Name:LadyLark
Name/Nick:Lady Lark
Last Visited On:Jan. 04th, 2016, 11:52:59, PST
Registered On:September 09, 2001
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Biography:Do people actually read these? I sincerely doubt it. But on the off chance they do, here is some info about me and my stories.

About me:
Name: Classified - If I know you I am pretty open about it, otherwise I answer to Lady Lark, LL, Lark, Larkeh, and Larkie.
Age: Old enough to know better and older than 90% of the people posting on this site.
Appearance: Why do people post/want to know this stuff? It's not like you're going to walk down the street and go "OMG! It's Lady Lark! SQUEEEE!!!" And if you did, I would pretend I didn't know you.
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Education: B.S. in Do you want fries with that.
Occupation: Jack of All Trades - you name it I've likely done something in the field.

About my Philosophy on Reading and Writing:

I write the kind of stories that I want to read or the kind of story that makes me think or feel. I use fanfiction as a springboard into actually writing my own original works - however considering that I am a very slow writer. It seems unlikely that this will ever turn into a career. And I'm fine with that, really.

I love and revere constructive criticism. It can be harsh, although I will admit that I don't like vindictive review, so long as it makes valid points. I firmly beleive that everyone has the right to speak their opinions.

I am also one of those authors that is first and foremost a reader. I read a helluva lot more than I write. It is not unusual for me to have 10 or more stories open at a given time. I also try to leave a review on all of them. Although sometimes I forget. I have a low tolerance for homophones, breaking the fourth wall, and Out of Character Theatre.

I am also a moderator on this site. Something I do to help give back a bit.

Fiction Update:

March 2007 - As of right now, I have finished clearing out my one-shot back log. These are little gremlin fics that have been languishing on this computer for far too long. Those have now been taken care of - the laptop has others. Which means that I can start working on one of my Multi-chapter fics. I have a hunch I know which one it is going to be. But I haven't decided yet.

About my art:

It sucks. It is here purely to show that I really do write better than I draw.

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