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User Name:xshiny
Last Visited On:Oct. 28th, 2003, 11:56:18, PST
Registered On:June 06, 2002
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:Tinystar7

Profile updated: 07/11/02

What you wanna know about me? well ok... But there isnt anything interesting about me... lol

Nicknames: xshiny, xsparkle, tinystar7, chibistar7, or x-chan

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Location: Can.,ont

Birthday: June 22nd

Sign: cancer

Favourite anime shows: Dragonball z, Yugioh, Sailormoon, cardcaptor, escaflowne

Favourite Male dbz character: GOTENKS!

Favourite Female dbz Character: i dunno... it changes quite often

Favourite fusion: gotenks of course ^.^

Art Trades I've Done

1) Atlantisangel- jade and bardock

2)The Silver Saiyaness- Lauren and Goku

3) Krillinsangel- Chestnut family

4) Atlantisangel- hitomi and Van

5) ChildofSadness- Cos' version of a Trunks shrine (arttrade with COS)

6) Nichan-Blue Sky

Requests I've Done

Lily (chestnuts), Orion Kay Linn (Kylan), Sarah (a sketch),

Deveater aka my bro ^.^ (Chi Chi poster), Sarah (ktash),

Dilly's_chick (dilly's chick request),Chibi-Dacras(Chibi-Dacras' request),

Krillinsangel (a pic for krillinsangel), Mr Happy (Mary +dilly),

This is what happens when you mix coke, chocolate and water together(mary),

Ice's request (Ice Angel), Rei Rei(animej), Elite Saiyan (Launch/ Lunch ),

britt bear (Can't live without you ), Duking it Out (gomen forgot who requested this),

Genki (Huggin a Majin when he's about to destroy something... lol ),

Rachel (Bra and Tasuki), Angela’s request (Love is a funny thing),

Thesilversaiyness (Happy Halloween! Coloured for Lauren),

Rachel (Friday Sugar High), ChildofSadness (Rui Hinotama),

Kchan (Kchan’s request coloured), Cj (Cj anime style),

ChildofSadness (Koujikun coloured), Atlantisangel (Mary’s girl),

Atlantisangel (bardock plushie), LiLCyborg (Ubuu plushie)

What I'm working on now: (its not in order...)

1) Willa(from ThunderCats)(in Cell Saga armor) with Vegeta (GT biker look), and Lion-o(from ThunderCats) all in some battle pose. (Angela K.)(color it)

2)SSJ4 Vegeta, SSJ4 Goku, SSJ Willa, SSJ Raditz, Tigress, and Lion-o(from ThunderCats; with Sword fo Omens; also in Cell Saga armor) battling Catonis, 1/2 Thunderan and 1/2 Saiyan in a black outfit( Angela K.)

3) Minky’s artrade : gotenks and bran (needs to be outlined and colored)

4) Cj’s request (her and a friend fighting over t+v: needs sketch)

5)adolmusi artrade (needs to be outlined and colored.)

6) Allisa and Krillin (needs sketch

7) Presents...

Make sure to check here to see if i'm opened for any requests or art trades.

Art Trades: opened ^.^

Request: Closed