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User Name:BatchSan
Last Visited On:Sep. 14th, 2014, 00:55:59, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2002
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Yahoo Handle:Hamimifk
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Biography:O.o Ello, there. I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know that I'm mostly a yuri/femslash writer. Meaning, most of my fics will contain lesbian sex and/or love. I do however, write yaoi/slash and some het fics now.

Update: 10/13/09
So I've been away for quite a long time (yeah, a year), but I'm back now. AFF.net has turned my stomach with it's total stupidity, so I came back to the only other place I could share my NC17 works without too much stress. ^_^ Hey readers! I bring cookies of all kinds with me!

... I realize most of my stuff is quite old and I will be going back to and editing the fics I already have edited. Some will remain as is, good or bad.

I'd like to announce I'm planning a major rewrite of my 'Missing Wand' series, adding a new chapter when the revision of the first 4 chapters are done. ^.^
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