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User Name:AngelWings
Name/Nick:Serinay Kawasaki (not my real name peoplez)
Last Visited On:Jul. 31st, 2008, 11:40:51, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2002
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Heeeeeeelllllooooo EVERYBODY!!!
*yells into mic* HOW YA'LL DOIN OUT THERE?! ^_^
Well welcome to my world...
This was the first site that I came to when I was on a search to find and read fan fics, so much so that I became a memeber after a few months and I've been a member for I'd say maybe a year or two. That's a looooong time huh?! LOL Anwayz I like to think of myself as a nice person and always ready to lend a helping hand!!! Im like WonderWoman or HawkGirl here at your service!!! LOL Im 18 and as you can already tell I have a good sense of humor.*lil brotha comes out of nowhere*
Lil b: no you dont!!!
Me: dont what???
Lil b: you dont have a good sense of humor... your EVIL!!!
Me:*sweatdrops* YES i do*pulls out chainsaw*
Lil b:@@
Me: See??? People find torturing your lil brotha funny!*chases lil b around with chainsaw*

NOTICE: No lil brothers were hurt during this construction of my profile ^_^

Anwayz on the generals...

fav anime or animes ^_^: Inuyasha,Trigun,Yu Yu Hakusho,Wolf's Rain,Lupin the 3rd,FLCL,Gundam Wing,Cowboy Bebop,Cased Closed-Detective Konan and lots more(As you can see I have more then 3 favs) ^_^

fav color:blue

fav food:shrimp fried rice

fav song: dont kno... have to many ^_^

other: I LOVE STARBUCKS!!! Anybody else who loves Starbucks wave those hands!!! ^_^

Well thats about it so go away now!!!
Juss kidding... Dont leave me!!!
The evil monkey in my closet will get me!!!
*in a whispering voice* I see dead people
Oh, I'm sorry... I got carried away...Like I said... I have a GOOOD sense of HUMOR. I like to think of myself as a lightblub... I just brighten up everyone's day... oh wait... Did that make sense??? LOL Oh well it did to me so there!!! LOL Well I hope you guys like my fics and me as well cuz I am a lovable person... juss full of love...

*grabs hold of Sesshomaru* Sesshy!!! Feel the love!!!*glomps Seesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: @@ --- -__-

*glomps Kiba* Embrace the love my fellow wolf-brother!!!


*glomps Yoko Kurama* Feel the love my kitsune friend!!!

Yoko:^_^ nicccccccce

*grabs Vash* Love and Peace!!!*does peace sign*

Vash: Finally a woman who understands me!!!*glomps me*

Me: @@ --- ^_^ Vash!!!*glomps Vash*

Well by you guys!!!
^_^ Ja ne!!!