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User Name:Novasenshi
Name/Nick:Lenae Star
Last Visited On:Sep. 15th, 2013, 13:32:22, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2002
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Yahoo Handle:sailorn_skey
AIM Handle:novaSangel2
~:..About Me..:~




:Major Prospects:
English/Creative Writing

Write my own book or screenplay,
travel to Japan, and live an awsome life.

~:..Info About my Fics..:~

I am a big fan of Student/Teacher romances and teen angst. I also enjoy writing yaoi/shonen-ai/slash. I love anime/manga and really love writing stories with our fav. characters. I hope you guys enjoy my fics and remember.. its a fanfic... anything is possible

~:..To the Readers..:~

I love my fans more than anything in this world. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would review and tell me your true thoughts on my writing. Reviews will help me write faster and flames will help me improve. All I ask is readers be respectful to my reviews thoughts and leave me with postive reviews or reviews to help me improve. I'm not perfect, but I will try my best to become that way.

I'm have a Mail List. So if you want to know when I update please e-mail me ur address or leave ur email in a review!

Rin ~novasenshi

My fanfiction link is up top so you can check out the stories not on Mediaminer

(Like my kingdom Heart Yaoi!) I SUPPORT YAOI

Thank you
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