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User Name:Xtreme Nuisance
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Biography:Disclaimer: I don't own anything here except the plot of mah stories! That is... unless the lil subject thingy says original on it. So if it does, IT'S MINE! *snort* u no take if u no ask. :P

My FictionPress.Net profile: http://www.fictionpress.net/profile.php?userid=31216

June 18, 2003



WAY too lazy to copy stuff from my ff.net profile. O.o So... yeah. It's not letting me on anyway.

In the Works

Of Princes and Princesses: Tomoyo and Sakura are fraternal twins. Tomoyo gets sick of all of the attention that her sister got. One day, she runs away to see what she could do with her life. But instead, she got tricked and ended up being sent right back where she started: home. After an awkward situation with her sister's, Sakura's, fiancee, Syaoran, she ended up disappearing--- on accident. This takes the crew of people on an adventure to find the missing princess. Where is she at and what will become of her? What about the search party out to find her? What will they do? Not very many people knew that Princess Sakura Kinomoto had a sister, a twin even. This will be harder than they all believed...

PROGRESS: On hold because of writer's Block. Unfinished. Chapter 4 in the works. Very, very slowly...

CCS at Hogwarts!: The CCS gang is shipped off to Hogwarts and they are famous! What happens when Hermione likes Eriol? OR when Meiling likes Ron? Or when Ginny likes Syaoran? And Sakura and Harry are jealous?! IS Sakura doubting Syaoran?? And what of Tomoyo, who sits and laughs it off, though she is lonely considering the fact that Everyone has problems trying to shrug off one person or get someone to like them? Then, strange things begin to happen around the castle. Were they sent there to learn about magic or for some reason unknown, even to Headmaster Dumbledore? What will happen at Hogwarts in Harry's fifth year? And will EVERYONE make it out alive?

PROGRESS: Chapter 6 is up!

Nothing In This World: Time to keep things short. :P Syaoran is getting married to Meiling. Meiling invites Sakura and Tomoyo to the wedding as her bridesmaids! What will Sakura do? And what about Syaoran? Does he love Sakura? Or will he marry Meiling?


In the First Place: Can't give a summary without giving away 'Nothing In This World'. It is located in 'Nothing In This World'!


Different: When Tomoyo was 13, she had her heart broken by Eriol. Just a week after, her mother told her that they were to be moving to America. So she went, no tears, nothing. She comes back a new person-- new way of dress, new hair color, even a new surname! But the worst of all is her attitude. Just how much can one thing make people change? How much did everyone change since she has been gone? Tomoyo has no idea, but she is about to find out.

PROGRESS: Tell me wut ya think and review! *chapter 1 is up!* *chapter 2 is in the works*

Final Fantasy?: *SPOILERS* What happens to Tidus after the game? That was the question we all asked before we found out about FFX-2. N E WAYZ, What happens to Tidus after the game? (-_-;;;) What if he was put into the Universe of FF8? Well that's what happens! When Tidus gets sent there, he sees many familiar faces from his time with Yuna (basically Yuna, some guardians and some people along their journey) as well as some new. When things start to get heated up with SeeD training, what happens when other troubles start to arise? What if Sin and the Sorceresses join forces (from the FUTURE! *cue twilight zone music*)?

PROGRESS: MY FIRST STORY OUTSIDE OF CCS! *Intro is up* *chapter 1 in the works*

University of Zanarkand: Put characters from FF7-10 together. Now put them in school together. weird, huh? Watch as MY interpretation of these characters and what it would be like for them in the 21st century (O... there is a Zanarkand just because and the technology is good just because. :P) and how it would affect them. Garnet and Zidane somehow know each other, Cloud and Tifa live in the slums of Zanarkand and got out on a scholarship, Selphie found out that she was adopted and separated from her twin (Charles) who she never knew about, Squall caught his high school girlfriend (Rinoa) cheating on him with some jock, Rikku came with her cousin Yuna, Tidus left after a fight with his father. Nice crew huh? Watch as the 10 students of Zanarkand University meet and their.... RIDE along the way. Forgive me if some stuff is wrong but, I'm 14. I don't know a thing about college dorms. :P So bear with me. AND it's a REALLY REALLY big school. ENJOY!

PROGRESS: I am looking over ALL of the stuff I wrote for this. I just realized that things make sense to me but not to other people sometimes. So here it goes! *Introduction is up* *Chapter 1 in the works and Chapter 2 is... ugh*

What If...?: This isn't really an AU, but it kind of is. Phychological (did I spell that right?). Sort of. What if the CCS gang woke up in an insane asylum just outside of Tokyo? What would happen if they were all there because they dreamed of places and things that didn't exist?

NOTE: Don't think too hard about all of this. It just popped into my head after seeing my fifteen millionth thinking movie of 2002! :P

PROGRESS: Chapter 1 is up. If you like it, I believe that you will have to wait for quite a while. This is one of those things that I am going to be sure *almost* everything is perfect on. Or as much to perfect in ur eyes as I can. :P ENJOY! XD

Family Problems: SM/GW x-over. Minako wasn't able to help her fellow senshi fight during the war. Her parents being too parinoid, they made her stay in. Her stepfather began to beat her, so she just ran away. The evilness from her stepfather soon catches up with her while she is staying in Quatre's house with the Gundam Pilots and it changes her life in ways unexpected.

PROGRESS: I am editing the prologue. Still need to type the rest cuz I lost the notebook again and found it... again. Unfinished. Prologue and Chapters 1,2,3, and 4 in the works. *snort*





OAKEY DOAKEY! I am going to start writing some origional ficton just to see how that will go. If it doesn't work out, I QUIT! :P Quitter, I know. :P OKAY! HERE IS THE DEAL! Starting this summer, I am writing in the POV of an origional character, BUT it is going to be about MY life. nothing exaggerated or anything. I will TRY to update every one to two weeks. After summer vacation is over, I am going to do one on high school, one story each year, updated every week. So It's gonna be PRETTY LONG! So it will go from Grades 9-12. Maybe I will start now to enlighten you on my Oh so EXCITING life. :P Besides, I'm graduating from 8th grade, so that's starting somewhere, right?? right. w/e. Like you care. :P OH! AND MY STUPID SCHOOL SYSTEM IS DOING A BLOCK SCHEDULE SO I WILL NEVER KNOW WUT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE MORE THAN 4 CLASSES! (I go to a charter schol and no, I'm not insane. I just hate it.) @_@ So THAT means.... ou guys will know about my love life and EVERYTHING before my parents! XD l8r. I know ya love me!


Other World: A nee-chan story again. :P Just a year before, Hikari had gone missing, leaving her long lost siblings behind. When another boy goes missing, Hikari's four sisters KNOW that something isn't right. Because he disappeared from the same place. Not long after, the four girls, Keeley, Crystal, Celeste and Kimiko, and their friend (grace's potential-but-should-ask-me-out-before-I-do-it-myself-even-tho-he's-older boyfriend), Tidus (no relation to the FX Tidus) disappear. Where is everybody?!

PROGRESS: I deleted it. But I am going to edit it and put it back up you can find it at http://www.fictionpress.net/profile.php?userid=227992 this 1 is fictionpress, not fanfiction okay? Ok. Introduction and Chapter 1 written and Chapter 2 in the works.

o ya! here are my other AIM sn's that I actually get on:



SHOUT OUTS: TO MY NEE-CHANS! YEAH BABY YEAH! lol. No. Seriously. Shout outs to Gracie wacy bracie poo poo head *snort*... Steph.... Mimi........ and Crystal! FUU! THANKIES FOR BEING THERE FOR MOI! ^.^

WHOOP! MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT SUNDAY! not this sunday, NEXT sunday! like... the 16th. WHOOP!

~*~Xtreme Nuisance~*~

I wonder if anybody ever reads this... If they do, YOU ARE A SMART PERSON! CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES! ok... not HERE here. Up there here. o... w/e. just review the stuff!

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