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User Name:Kohaku
Last Visited On:Jan. 04th, 2009, 11:21:19, PST
Registered On:August 08, 2002
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Biography:(Update as of 12/3/08)

Oh my GAWD, this was in desperate need of an update. Why do I bother? Agh.

My name is Amber. I post near nothing these days, but I still write aplenty. I suggest visiting my Fanfiction.net account, where my username is Inochi no Fusighi (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/825675/). Because, honestly, this account is dead, but I refuse to delete it (if that option is even available o_o) simply because I'm too sentimental for my own good. I have many good memories of my time here, so there.

Phew... I actually have two much more recent fics posted up here, but they're hidden because... 1. The base fic sucks, and 2. The side story for the base fic is good, but rated 18+; and I'm really too shy to post something so suggestive up for public viewing. xD

I'll make this abnormally short because I'm lazy. E-mail me any time if you feel like catching up with the more recent me, since I just disappear off the face of the internet for extended periods of time. I'm always around somewhere, just...not here.


Reminisce - Discontinued...obviously. It hasn't been updated in about three years. I still remember the plot outcome I had planned for this, so a possible entirely revamped version could appear in a few years. Maybe.

.hack//OBSCURITY - Discontinued. Directly after the first chapter, I had a second halfway done. Alas, my computer crashed, and I never quite had it in me to do it again. Plot outcome vaguely remembered.

Naruto Fic (Hidden) - Discontinued due to inconsistencies with the actual Naruto storyline. (Damn you, two and a half year time jump!)

Kingdom Hearts: Alter the Legend (Hidden) - Complete. Sequel started.

Obviously, any and all one-shots are completed.

Well, that's it! Buh-bye~
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