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User Name:Jezunya
Last Visited On:Apr. 29th, 2008, 04:30:03, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2002
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:jezchan5577
Biography:7.12.05 - Sorry for anyone getting emails for any of my fics... I edited all the chapters of 'Forget Me Nots' a bazillion times just now... Everything should be in working order now, but just drop me a line (email, review, whatever) if there are still any problems with formatting or weird characters where there should be quotation marks or anything like that...

I also think I'm gonna start removing my art from here, and just posting it at my deviantART.com account... It's just such a nicer interface for posting & viewing art over there....

RANDOM INK - Just a place for me to put all my fanfiction and art, plus my original stuff! ^_^

PAINTED KISSES - My MARS fansite ^_^ Kira/Rei forever!! Whooo~!! ^^;

SIRIUS - My Inuyasha fansite (no, not Harry Potter.. n.n;) MAJORLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! So feel free to visit, but please be nice. I haven't yet been able to get nearly as much of the stuff I want on there as I would like... ;_; (http://www.geocities.com/bellflower50/)

MY ART - Some of my nicer art, where all my art that's hosted here will soon be going.

MY FICS(10.24.04):

A CHILD - (IY, PAST) Can you say 'sequel'? Yep, I'm planning a sequel to this one (don't worry, Child isn't -nearly- done), and that's been holding my attention for a while... However, I do have the next chapter of Child about half-way done, so there could be an update soon ^_^

CHICHIUE - (IY, FUTURE/CANON) There are a couple pages written for the next chapter, altho I'm kinda experiencing some writer's block with how to get the story to progress now, so.. leave a message after the beep and check back later I guess.. -_-;

DEMON BLOOD - (IY, CANON) Completely re-doing the whole half-page of stuff I had written for the next chapter *sigh* I think I should be able to get it rolling again soon, tho...

FORGET ME NOTS - (IY, POST-SERIES) Yall are gonna hate me with this chapter... It's probably the farthest along and easiest to write of all my fics right now, so you just might be getting a new chapter sometime here ^_^

HIUGRASHI - (IY, POST-SERIES) Heh. Hope yall like the new chapter ^_^ I think I'm gonna start re-vamping some of the older chapters, but I will be working on the next chapter too, so don't worry! (Hopefully, it won't take as long as the last one... *sigh*)

ORACLE - (IY/BSSM) Mm, this one is also probably going to get re-written (-again-), at least a little bit. I just realized I completely messed up the BSSM timeline in this... *sigh*

SWEET DARKNESS - (MARS, AU) gosh, I haven't even thought about this one in so long... Note to self: think up plot before writing!

TURN AROUND AGAIN - (IY, AU) Eh... another one I've just completely forgotten about. I'm gonna just say this one's kinda on hold 'til I can get around to working on it...

WAKING - (IY, FUTURE) I've actually got some good ideas for this fic...now, if I can ever get around to writing them... ~_~;

WHERE THE ROAD TAKES YOU - (IY, Ficlets) Newest ficlet is kinda cute (I think so, at least), with hints of Inu/Kag and Mir/San ^_^ And no, when Miroku says Inuyasha's 'done this a dozen times' he is NOT speaking literally!! (Yikes!)

COMING SOON (or not..)
I've got a lot of cool ideas that I'm working on, but I'm sorta setting a goal to finish at least one fic (probably "Higurashi") before putting up any new ones. Anyway, here are some teasers.. Oh, and be ready for the titles to change on these at any time ^^;

TO BE YOUKAI - (IY, CANON) The title should give you some ideas, but it's probably not what you think. ^_^ Kind of humurous, with some good SanMir stuff ^_~

BELOVED - (IY, CANON) This one's got two main plots going at once, one romance, the other about dealing with siblings, and with a neat 'fairy-tale' twist. XD

DRINK UP - (IY, AU) Heh. Inuyasha. Kagome. Alcohol. Choas ensues. (It has a plot!! Really!!)

DISEASE - (IY, AU) Desperately in need of a real title... I've just about got the first chapter done, so I figured I should put it up here to give yall a little warning in case it gets posted soon ^_~ As for the story, yes it involves hospitals, sickness, etc, but no, it's not one of those 'Kagome has some terrible disease and Inuyasha has to deal with the idea of her dying' fics ~_~; In fact, Kagome's not even the one who's sick! ^_^ (InuKag)

more coming soon! ^_^
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