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User Name:diva_eyez
Name/Nick:Sab K-
Last Visited On:Feb. 22nd, 2020, 04:58:29, PST
Registered On:November 11, 2002
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Yahoo Handle:diva_eyez1
AIM Handle:immediatefusion
-It's now 2016. I've gotten a handle on my life. -I'm now an RN and have free time due to no longer needing to spend every waking moment studying for the NCLEX-RN exam.
-Surprisingly...or not, I've returned to some of my old habits--namely reading fanfics!
-I've felt the itch to write, but will probably start off with something easy like editing works I've already posted.
-I have found that people claimed my work as their own and it's a little....FLATTERING!
-Wonder if anyone takes the time to read this?

Warm Regards,
Diva Eyez
It's 2009, I haven't been to Media Miner in over 4 years. Recently received a review to an email I'd forgotten the password to. It's a bit delayed but I want to thank everyone who's ever read and/or reviewed any of my stories and art (yes even the ones who tell me that my stuff sucks). You can find me on deviant art- Diva-eyez and Neopets- diva_eyez.

Here's what's new with me (March 23, 2009) I'm currently working as an administrative assistant for a leasing firm and recently bought a new PC. I draw every now and again, but as for writing; that's not happening. Maybe I'll edit my fics.. maybe not. ^-^

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