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User Name:Kinoko
Last Visited On:Apr. 20th, 2008, 22:50:46, PDT
Registered On:January 01, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:kinoko101286 (or) kinoko_thelittlemushroom@yahoo.com
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Well first off I'm a girl
Length: 5'5
Place: Texas

I love drawing anime and writing stories, I also have stories out on fanfiction.net. I like to hang out with my pals,watch anime, practice my small yet ever growing Japanese skills, learn new things, and I'm currently an undergraduate at Northwest Vista College (Soon to transfer to UTSA).

Favorite Things/stuff/anime/whatever: Mushrooms are cool (hence kinoko means mushroom in Japanese.)
RPGing on the net (though I have zero time for it now that I've decided to make fanfiction my first priority when it comes to free time), writing, drawing (magna style is my forte), singing (sometimes), eating wierd new food, trying stuff out, panda bears, kittens, the color black (though other ones are intriging too), music, playing the guitar (I finally got a new one), taking a shower with HOT water rather than cold water (but I wash my hair with cold water because I hate dandruff), hanging out with Kim, Amanda, and all my other friends, bopping my little brother on the head, watching soccer, and Japan (yes, I just love everything about Japan).

Favorite anime: Dragonball/Z/GT, Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo/GXP/Pretty Sammy, Love Hina, Moncoli Knights, WieB Kruez/Kight Hunters, Candidate for the Godess, and my personal favorite, InuYasha, as well as many more, however due to my laziness I don't feel like listing anymore.
Um...I guess thats it for the moment

I HAVE A MYSPACE! Look up my e-mail: kinoko_thelittlemushroom@yahoo.com

Do me the favor and don't mention ANYTHING about my fanfiction writing on MYSPACE. ALL of my friends (minus my boyfriend) are prejudice against fanfiction writers, so they have no idea, and I'd like to keep it that way. So, if you want to further read any of my stories you'd better not mention ANYTHING!


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