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User Name:Kapt. Nemo
Name/Nick:Kapt. Nemo
Last Visited On:Jun. 13th, 2012, 09:24:41, PDT
Registered On:February 02, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:kptnemo76
AIM Handle:Kapt Fluffy

Loves to read Furuba and Inu-Yasha fluff...and the occassional lemon. Well, maybe more than occassional...

On fanfiction: My numero uno criterium is that the fics be grammatically correct; legible without having to ice my eyes after reading them. And I don't really like fics that make the heroines out to be wanton sluts, either. Especially when it goes overboard with OOC-ness.

Haven't updated my own fics in a while; sorry! Will try to, eventually.

Oh...this is supposed ter be a bio. Alrighty, I'm basically your average happy-go-lucky, straight-edge nineteen-year old who enjoys music, art, anime, and the hybernating hentai inside of her. ^.~

***Check out mah oh-so-appealing website if you should happen to be bored enough to find out more about me! (And if you are, I truly pity you.)

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