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User Name:Jar of Pills
Last Visited On:Aug. 10th, 2003, 17:19:19, PDT
Registered On:February 02, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:YamiKawaiiNeko
Biography:I SUPPORT YAOI!!!

Ahem. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jar of Pills (mostly because I couldn't think of anything good.. ^^;;)

I just started out writing fanfiction, so don't be harsh on your reviews! Comments and criticism much appreciated. Flames will be used for my torture chamber...eheheh..whoops, did I say that aloud? O__o

oh, and my muses YKN and B-Chan will help and guide you through my weird stories, yep.

YKN:(YamiKawaiiNeko II)I am a clone...self destruct sequence in..5..4..3..2..ALOHA!!!

JoP: O___O

B-Chan: (Bloody-Hell chan)Don't mind her, she's always like that. That's what happens when Jar of Pills gives YKN those bloody FlintStones Fruity Vitamin Tablets... -_-

JoP: hey, hey. it was for a science project, lay off!

B-Chan: Uh huh...that was the same excuse you've used for your past guinea pigs.

YKN: Woooo...I see pwerrry colors...BUWAHAHA

JoP: hey, B-Chan, wanna try out my new and improved Chocolate Vitamin Tablets?

B-Chan: NO! Get the hell away from me!!! Help, this is muse abuse!!

YNK: Hee hee..it rhymes!



name: Jar of Pills (aka YamiKawaiiNeko)

sex: Die, pervert!!! er..what am a I again? *looks down* um... *looks down again* er...this is gonna take a while so I'll get back to you on that ^^;;

age: not telling

fav anime:


NeoGenesis Evangelion

Key the Metal Idol

Record of Lodoss Wars

El Hazard

and lots more...

fav manga:

Yu-Gi-Oh!! muwahaha..

Ceres Celestial Legend

Inu Yasha




watching anime

sleeping in class and then denying it-_-



singing annoying songs

making weird jokes

dueling! (I play the YGO card game. AIM me sometime for a duel)

watching TV


creeping out people just for the fun of it

arguing with people to prove my point

favorite YAOI/yuri couples:

Malik x Ryou

Malik x Bakura

Ryou x Bakura

Malik x Ishtal

Ryou x Ishtal

Seto x Jou

Yugi x Yami

Mai x Isis (TAKE THAT, MaixTea-shippers!!!)

Isis x Serenity X Mai

Dark Magician x Magician of Black Chaos

Pegasus x Funny Bunny (I'm joking, EW, the thought of Pegasus with Funny Bunny..*shudders*)

couples that I TRULY HATE:

Tea (or Anzu) x anyone

Tea x Malik (Whoever thought of this pairing must BURN!!!)


Pegasus x Seto (O__o)

Tristan x anyone

Other than that, I'm an okay person.

fics so far:

Perverted Commercials
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