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User Name:Darksyn
Name/Nick:Eric Rice
Last Visited On:Nov. 26th, 2006, 23:34:34, PST
Registered On:March 03, 2003
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Biography:Been a long time.... darn. Anyways trying really hard to get back into writing, everything is still running around in my head but I haven't had the time or self control to sit and do something about it. With luck anybody that is willing to check on my writing will find some updates in the near future.

On the Drafting board:

Hikaru's Secret: Under Revision (The current prolgue should stay the same with only some fleshing out).

???: Plans with Multi-Crossover / Fusion involoving at least five Anime series and at least one Manga. Plot is still a litte loose and of course I still need to put something on Paper (or Text document) Ranma is the main focus but I need to get the handle for writing multiple character stories.

Ranma / Marvel: Mainly based with Wolverine as a secondary character at the moment but with his multiple aligences it's hard to figure out where I should focus Ranma's interaction. (X-Men or New Avengers?) Major plot holes to fix before putting anything final.

That's it for now, several other stories including Triforce Destinies are on hold until I can get my mind back on them.

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