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User Name:Sailor J-chan
Name/Nick:??????? ????? ??????
Last Visited On:Nov. 10th, 2003, 12:50:03, PST
Registered On:April 04, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:*Waves good-bye to FF.Net* Happy entrails to you! Well...I'm still there, but I'm mainly here!

Social Status: Psychotic

Intelligence Level: Genius (I hope)

Things I'll Write About: Dragonball Z, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, Guam Wing, Passions, Friends, X-Men: Evolution, Harry Potter, Reba, Tenchi Muyo

Things I Won't Write About: Anything I don't have ides for or don't know exists or don't like

How Often I Update: When chapters are finished

Things I Do:

Write About The Underdogs-That means Marron, Marron/Goten, Tien/Launch, Pan/Gill

Make Up Kids, Especially Daughters-As in Akane, Tien and Launch's daughter, and Mirai Marron

Screw Up Ages-Pretty much self-explanatory

Try To Give Everyone A Lover-Again, self-explanatory

Use Lots Of Capital Letters And Exclamation Marks-Once again, self-explanatory

Screw Up Timelines-Look up ^ ^

Shamelessly Take An Idea From Another Story And Totally Make It My Own-Lady Foeseeker's 'Lost In The Darkness', countless Torture Gohan fics

Hate Evil People-Die, Ivy Crane, die!

Make Fun Of Hercule-Doesn't everybody?

Replace GT-Goku dies AGAIN!!! WAAAAH!!!! And it's not real DBZ! It's just animated fanfiction!

Make More Screwed-Up Family Ties-As in the family thing of Rogue, Kurt, Pietro, Wanda, Raven, Eric, and OC Dena

Put Myself In My Fics-Briana from 'Uh, Guys? I Don't Think We're in 8th Grade Anymore', Kathy from 'Harry and Kathy And The Sorcererís Stone', Juanita and Hilde from 'Love Is Blind'.

Idolize Celipa-I don't know why

Characters I Love:

Dragonball/Z/GT-Marron, 18, Pan

Sailor Moon-Lita

Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin, Kaoru

Yu-Yu Hakusho-Botan, Kurama

Pokemon-Misty, Vulpix

Gundam Wing-Hilde, Duo, Quatre

Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo-Sasami, Ryoko

Saint Tail-Meimi, Seira

Yu-Gi-Oh-Tea, Yugi, Joey

Inu-Yasha-Kagome, Inu-Yasha, Myoga

X-Men: Evolution-Kurt, Rogue, Kitty


Will&Grace-Jack, Will

Good Morning, Miami-Penny, Claudia

Reba-Reba, Kyra, Van

Everwood-Delia, Edna

Greetings From Tuscon-David, Elizabeth, Ernesto

On The Spot-Jeff, Brenda, Caramel

Whose Line Is It, Anyway-Ryan, Colin, Wayne

Harry Potter-Hermione, Ron

Moulin Rouge-Christian, Argentinean, Toulouse

The Patriot-Charlotte, Anne

Lord of the Flies-Simon, Piggy

Baby-Sitters Club-Stacey, Mary Ann, Jessi, Mallory

Characters I Hate:

Dragonball/Z/GT-Frieza, Hercule, Sharpner

Sailor Moon-Zirconia, Amaura when she punched Lita

Pokemon-Gary, Giovanni

Gundam Wing-Duke Dermail, Quinze, Tuberoff

Inu-Yasha-Sessho-Maru, Jaken

X-Men Evolution-Magneto

Passions-Ivy, Kay, Rebecca, Cecile, Connie

Good Morning, Miami-Gavin

Greetings From Tuscon-Maria

Harry Potter-Draco

Moulin Rouge-The Duke

The Patriot-General Tavington

Lord of the Flies-Jack

Baby-Sitterís Club-Cokie, Sheila

Couples I Love:

Dragonball/Z/GT-Pan/Gill, Marron/Goten, Bardock/Celipa, Tien/Launch, Krillin/18, Goku/Chichi, Bulma/Vegeta, M. Trunks/M. Marron ~OC~ or M. Trunks/Erasa with his age reversed, Chiaotzu/Briana ~OC~, Nail/Gwen ~OC~, Dende/Erasa, Yamcha/Mai, Piccolo/Haski

Sailor Moon-Serena/Darien, Raye/Yaten, Mina/Chad, Amaura/Seiya, Michelle/Taiki

Rurouni Kenton-Kenshin/Kaoru, Sonosuke/Megumi

Yu-Yu Hakusho-Yusuke/Botan, Kuwabara/Yukina, Kurama/Keiko

Pokemon-Ash/Misty, Brock/Wilhemina, Jessie/James

Gundam Wing-Duo/Hilde, Relena/Hiro, Trowa/Dorothy, Quatre/Catherine, Wufei/Sally, Trieze/Lady Une, Zechs/Noin

Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo-Tenchi/Ryoko, Achika/Nobuyuki

Saint Tail-Meimi/Asuka Jr.

Yu-Gi-Oh-Tea/Yugi, Tristan/Serenity, Kaiba/Mai, Joey/Caitlyn ~OC~

Inu-Yasha-Kagome/Inu-Yasha, Yura/Sessho-Maru

X-Men: Evolution-Scott/Jean, Rogue/Remy, Kurt/Amanda, Lance/Kitty, Wanda/Todd, Bobby/Jubilee

Passions-Reese/Jessica, Charity/Miguel, Liz/Antonio, Eve/Julian, TC/Ivy, Grace/David, Sheridan/Luis, Hank/Beth, John/Simone, Rebecca/Sam, Whitney/Chad, Noah/Paloma

Will&Grace-Will/Grace, Jack/Karen

Good Morning, Miami-Jake/Penny

Reba-Reba/Brock, Van/Cheyenne

Everwood-Ephram/Lainie, Colin/Amy, Delia/Magilla

Greetings From Tuscon-David/Sarah, Elizabeth/Jauquin

On The Spot-Brenda/Jeff, Fifi/The Professor, Caramel/Monty

Harry Potter-Harry/Hermione, Ron/Kathy ~OC~, Draco/Ginny

Moulin Rouge-Satine/Christian, Argentinean/Nini, Harold/Marie

The Patriot-Anne/Gabriel, Benjamin/Charlotte

Baby-Sitters Club-Kristy/Bart, Claudia/Will, Mary Ann/Logan, Stacy/Sam, Dawn/Louis, Mallory/Ben, Jessi/Quint, Richard/Sharon

Couples I Hate:

Dragonball/Z/GT-Bulma/Yamcha, Chichi/Yamcha

Sailor Moon-Seiya/Serena, Amaura/Michelle

Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin/Megumi

Yu-Yu Hakusho-Keiko/Yusuke

Pokemon-Ash/May, Misty/Rudy, Misty/Danny

Tenchi Muyo/Universe/In Tokyo-Tenchi/Ayeka



X-Men: Evolution-Scott/Rogue, Jean/Fred

Passions-Ivy/Sam, Kay/Miguel, Simone/Chad, Beth/Luis or Beth/Charlie, Rebecca/Julian, Eve/TC

Will&Grace-Grace/Leo, Rosario/Jack

Good Morning, Miami-Dylan/Gavin, Dylan/Jake

Reba-Brock/Barbara Jean


Harry Potter-Harry/Ginny

Moulin Rouge-Duke/Satine

Quotable Quotes:

"There's my ride! It's a huff! I believe I'll leave in it!"-Jack (Will&Grace)

"If they heard you sing, they'd tie you up and run you OVER with the Soul Train!"-Will (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

"Pudding!" "At this point, he probably is."-Batman and Harley (World's Finest)

"Do not try to eat the doughnut, but realize the truth, that there are no doughnuts!"-Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"Pretend to think. Pretend to think." "Pretend to care. Pretend to care."-Jack and Karen (Will&Grace)

"Tragic chocolate accident takes the lives of the Keebler Elves."-Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"Reporters say it's awful. They say now the snakes don't even have a pit to hiss in."- Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"When the time comes that I face Darth Vader, I'll look him straight in the...helmet, and say 'The Canadians are coming, the Canadians are coming'!"-Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"I was having a little trouble with the Jedi manual. You know, the part where it says 'Help, my shorts are on fire'?"-Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"People will tell you many things about me. When they do, I want you to turn around and say to them 'Watch the Drew Carey show at 8 on Fox'. Wait, there's more! 'Give the tall guy more lines'."-Ryan Stiles (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"From now on I want to be called Helen."-Ryan Stiles (Whose Line Is it, Anyway?)

"Hello, my name is Lars Lars Pants On Fars."-Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"Buh-buh-Burkman. Do you know where that goes?" "After Buh-buh-bite me?"-Barbara Jean and Reba (Reba)

"Ah, she bit her dog, eh?"-Henry (The Wizard Of Oz)

"All that's happening/It ain't legal/Oh, look at you/You're bald as an eagle!"-Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"What can I, what can I, what can I say?/This has been one weird-@$$ day!"-Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"I'm the alien from the black hole/I've come here to take your soul/I'm going to take you back there/And then I'm just gonna dance!"-Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return."-Christian (Moulin Rouge)

"Vive la vie de boheme!"-Drunk Bohemian (Moulin Rogue)

"Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!"-Domon Kashu (G Gundam)

"Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Puff Mommy!"-Will (Will&Grace)

"You just described a needle in a gaystack."-Karen (Will&Grace)

"You didn't eat Karen's cooking, did you? I thought I threw the rest of it in the lake." *Knock on door* "Uh-oh, it's back! And this time, it's personal."-Will (Will&Grace)

"Danger, danger, Grace Adler!"-Jack (Will&Grace)

"I just hold back and hope the game is called on account of stupidity."-Reba (Reba)

"Your mama's so old, she's in Jesusí yearbook!"-??? (In Living Color)

"You mama's teeth are so yellow, when she yawns, traffic just slows down."-??? (In Living Color)

"Baby Je, we bring you 20 cigarettes, a Diet Coke, and a sack of charcoal!"-Eddie Izzard (???)

"Your mama's so fat, when she plays hopscotch, she plays it like this: LA, Detroit, Chicago, New York..."-??? (In Living Color)

"I have a mind. I follow my own path."-Unknown (???)

"Don't give me that 'meant to be' bull $#!t."-Unknown (???)


"Where are you going?" "To Heck in a very large handbasket."-Me and my sister (At the front door)

"MEEP!"-Vindali (Bio)

"Most people on the SM/DBZ section pair Usagi up with Vegeta." "VEGETA?! He'd kick the crap outta her!"-Me and my sister (Doing dishes)

"Because the dragonflies love each other, son."-Brock (Reba)

"If you have dogs, now would be a good time to release them."-Reba (Reba)

"You were probably too busy cramming for How To Be A 6!tc# 101."-Grace (Passions)

"Joshi is how you say Women's Lavatory in Japanese." "And what do you say if you don't make it in time?" "Jo-$#!t!"-Me, my Dad, Uncle Joe (Playing Uno)

"Smell the pennies."-Me (Parent's room)

"Flamers think they are THE $#!t, but they're JUST $#!t."-Cat Youkai (Bio)

"Never get in a fight with inanimate objects. They tend to win."-Cat Youkai (Bio)

"If you can't decide between Humor and Angst, flip a coin. If you don't have a coin, it sucks to be you."-Cat Youkai (Bio)

"If you fall off a horse, get back up...literally, otherwise, the horse might step on you."-Cat Youkai (Bio)

"What are you complaining for? I'm the one stuck out here in Rocky Horrorville."-Faith (Third Watch)

"Only people with class will stay in the Crane mansion!" "Yeah, only people with class! Oh...I guess that means you have to go, too, Rebecca."-Julian and Fox (Passions)

"I think I'm losing it." "I don't think you had it to begin with."-Me and Stephanie (On the phone)

"If in doubt, just blow the whole damn thing up!"-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"When there's a will, there's a way. When there's a will and a hell of a lot of money, there's an even better way."-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"On a traffic light, green means go, yellow means go faster, and red means don't get caught."-Unknown (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Fate is merely a boulder in the road of life. You can step around it, climb over it, or sit and wait for it to move out of your way; itís your choice."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Some people say life sucks then you die, but I say life sucks then you get cancer, then your dog dies, then your wife leaves you, then you get a new dog, remarry, suffer from a stroke, go to therapy, talk once again, walk outside one day, get hit by the city bus, then you die." ĖSuperBitch (Bio)

"On the other hand.... you have five more fingers."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Insanity isn't an illness, it's a hobby!!"-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"The statistics of mental illnesses in America are one out of four... look at your three best friends, if they're OK, then it's you."-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"TACT is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic."-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs should get used to it."-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"They called me crazy, but the voices in my head told me that they are the crazy ones."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation."-Unknown (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"I dreamt I was a moron!" *awkward silence*-ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666 (Bio)

"I live in my own little world, but it's okay because everyone likes me there!"-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is...STOP DIGGING!"-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"I don't suffer from insanity...I enjoy every minute of it!!"-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Officer I swear to Drunk I'm not God!!!"-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Do not test the depth of water with both feet."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Take the fortune out, before eating the cookie."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"War does not determine who is right-only who is left."-Bertrand Russell (???)

"Don't steal. The government hates competition."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Men are like roses, watch out for the pricks!"-Unknown (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"Damn right I'm good in bed...I can sleep for days!"-XD (Bio)

"Oh, hey, do you want to come to our place for dinner? Mom's making her famous phone call to the Chinese place."-??? (ObSeSsIvE-cOmPuLsIvE-666ís bio)

"The cows are in the fish."-goku20147 (Bio)

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."-goku20147 (Bio)

"Nink."-goku20147 (Bio)

"The spaghettios are multiplying in the sink and they have moved to the refrigerator so they can hire the lettuce to ride into battle!"-goku20147 (Bio)

"S'up with the wack PlayStation, s'up?"-Joey (Friends)

"We will take a stroll down the Rue de la Blahblahblahblah."-Chandler (Friends)

"Dying sucks, donít it?"-Goku (Manga Volume 1)

"What are you looking for?" "Trouble." "With a capital T, that rhymes with P, which stands for Pot?"-Harold Dan Rose (Everwood)

"As Freud said, 'Women, schwomen'! Of course, he said it in German, so it was 'Veemen, shweemon'!"-Andy (Everwood)

ďIím your anchor, Thor Buttocks.Ē-Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)

"Aw, thit."-Grace (Will&Grace)
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