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User Name:gerankel
Name/Nick:Cynthia Bradley
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Registered On:June 06, 2003
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Biography:Disclaimer: As I'm sure we all know by now, Inuyasha and all other characters except those which I have created belong solely to Rumiko Takahashi. Hi'iki ( an original male youkai character appearing in "Damned If You Do" and featured as the main character in its companion piece "Damned If You Don't" ), the Oracle priestess and any other OC belongs to me and me alone as well as my original story concepts. As fair warning most of my stories will have various Japanese terms and phrases interspersed in it. I know many do not like this but in those cases where I used them I felt it necessary to the impact and flow of the story. I will provide a glossary as well as a link for looking up any words which I did not explain adequately. I dislike typing disclaimers for every part of a story that I post. I will post a 'blanket' disclaimer for any and all stories that I post.

I am a devoted "fluffy shipper" and Sesshoumaru/Rin is my favorite couple/pairing of the whole InuYasha anime. I feel that Sess and Rin are fated to be soul mates and that, while she is still young of course, the only feelings he would have would be more paternal; but as she gets older and develops into the beautiful woman she is sure to become... I'd be willing to bet MY left arm that the apple won't fall far from the tree! To my way of thinking his seriously ooc behavior concerning Rin indicates that she means more to him than just a potential daughter figure. The fact that Tenseiga took him to that particular forest at that particular time is just a little to coincidental too be a random happening.

I also like Inu/Kag, Mir/Sango, and Kouga/Kagura. I fell in love with this last pairing after reading an excellent fic called Venganza by Thunk. Didn't think I'd like it at first but I was won over rather quickly. Please go here to read this great story http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1059503&chapter=1 What can I say; I'm a romantic at heart. InuYasha is by and far my favorite anime/manga series, in case you haven't noticed. I also like many other mostly romantic anime such as Chobits, Love Hina, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Big O, Kikaider: The Animation, Kare Kano and many others to numerous to mention. My other big addiction is Star Trek. I like all the various series and am a serious "Trekker" folks. My daughter's name is Kyrra Rene (Rene is the real name of the actor that portrays Odo). That should give you a clue as to how seriously sick I am! :) Fav pairings in Trek -- Odo/Kira (DS9), EMH/7 of 9 (Voy), Archer/T'Pol (Enterprise), Data/Yar (TNG) -- I know, I know, she's dead, that's what fan fiction is for ;).

What I don't like are Sess/Kagome - squickkkkkk! - in any shape or form. THIS IS SO WRONG! The very idea is so repulsive I almost feel the need the bash my head in with a hammer to get the disgusting mental image out of my brain! I also do not like manga/anime with sad or bittersweet endings. I'm sorry but to me it doesn't make for better story telling or drama, it's just sad. Life is sad and dissappointing enough as it is. That is why I read and watch what I do, to get away from the real world.

Another thing that I dislike heartily are the so-called 'fanfic hijackers'. You know what I mean; those authors that threaten not to update unless they get a certain number of reviews. No offense intended to anyone but I greatly dislike being forced to review a story for the sake of reading the next part and refuse to do it myself. While I would appreciate any reviews I get while writing my stories my updating WILL NOT be dependant on how many reviews I get. I'm doing this because I enjoy it not because I'm seeking to have my ego stroked.

I have a webpage that has a large section dedicated to Sess/Rin fanart on it. It also has other InuYasha fan art as well as non-anime art works. All the art work was done by my best friend Tami Kannenberg whom I also addicted to InuYasha and Sess/Rin. Please visit the site and tell me what you think. There will also be a fanfic area with Sess/Rin fanfics. It will be there that I will post "lemon" (NC-17) versions of my stories if any.

Favorite song of the moment; "If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield. It just has Sess and Rin written all over it. :::sighs::::: I also listen to Jump5's "All I Can Do" quite a bit. Another good Sess/Rin song -- and you can dance to it too! :) "Breathless" and "Irristable" by The Corrs are also big favs of the moment.

I also like jpop music (Japanese pop music) and romantic music.

Lastly, my first story as well as all those I write have been put through my spell checker several times as well as a grammar checker and a beta-reader as well. Nothing is perfect however, so please excuse any mistakes or typos you may find. I will do my best to make sure that none get through, but sadly, I am only human. I will try to update as often as I can but I am a married woman with ADHD and am saddled ;) with two children, 13 and 6, and am attending college taking Japanese classes so I can?t promise a firm update schedule. I firmly believe that quality is better than quantity.
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