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User Name:Banshee Puppet
Last Visited On:May. 16th, 2007, 11:31:36, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:gunaoverthemoon
Biography:My stories and arcs are as follows:

Gundam Wing:
Waiting for You: 5xR. Try it. You'll like it.
So this is Love: 3xR. And a disgruntled Heero.
War of the Burning Roses: DISCONTINUED.
(some other gw fics can be found on my website, but I didn't want to upload them here)
From the Ashes (or) Merry Christmas, Chang Wufei(complete, Wu/Noin x-mas fic)
Butterfly Arc:(WCxCB)
To Protect
Black Wings
Final Fantasy VIII:
Gunsmoke and Roses: Irvine/Laguna
Stay with Me: Seifer/Laguna. (I had soo much fun writing this pairing! I have to do it again.)
Snapshots of Destiny and Love: a 'guna poem.
Until the End of Eternity and Longer: a loooonnnnggg fic, but at the moment, my crowning achievement.
Faceless: a halloween, fuujin/nida one shot. blegh, i guess it's okay, but the pairing amuses me.
Snapshots of Destiny and Love: a Laguna poem. requested by a my buddy Aison. (yes, I DO take requests and challenges, though don't ask me to write a cannon fic...and I may or may not run with whatever idea you throw at me)

One shots:

Not even if I tried: A Sess/Kouga fic(this fic was my first flamed fic ever! (and it was flamed over such a stuuupid thing!) woot! now I KNOW i have to try the pairing again, as soon as i can figure out something remotely resembling a plot...)
Meanwhile, in another part of the forest: a scary 2 am sugar high fic...humor...in that crazy sort of way

Dreamweaver Arc:
(this is my most popular set, so give it a look!)
1. Not that he Cared
2. Brothers After All
3. A Fragile Heart
4. I Will Wait(wip)

This Crazy Thing Called Love Arc:
(main pairings--Sess/OC, Inuyasha/Kagome. Hints at a possible Miroku/Sango in the future.)
(It doesn't suck. But nobody's reading it. *frowns*)
1. Falling Over You
2. All He Needs
3. After Love
4. Before There Was You
5. Love Like Water
6. In Cold Blood (wip)

So that should clarify any questions about story order that there might be.

Weiss Kreuz:
1. Calico (complete at 11 chapters)

1.(Weiss Kreuz/Mirage of Blaze)Chasing Twilight (wip)

Favorite Quote at the moment:

"Of course it's a good idea. I've used up all my bad ones already."
~Deren Beq, Meridian
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