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User Name:ShadowsLight
Last Visited On:Jun. 06th, 2004, 23:26:50, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:Antares_Rose@yahoo.com
AIM Handle:BrokenWD
Biography:Hi, My name is Katie but all of you can/should call me ShadowsLight or SL. LightsShadow is my Yami and he has been for years, the voice in my head who helps me out and makes wise crack jokes. I have light and dark brown hair that rests right above my shoulders, I have brown eyes.

Pairings - Draco/Harry(Harry Potter), Yugi/Yami (YGO), Yugi/Yami/Seto (YGO), Bakura/Ryou (YGO), Bakura/Marik(YGO), Marik/Malik(YGO), Malik/Ryou(YGO), Hiei/Kurama(YYH), Hiei/Yusuke(YYH), Botan/Hiei(YYH), Koenma/Yusuke(YYH), Kyo/Tahrou(Furuba), Yuki/Tahrou(Furuba), Yuki/Kyo(Furuba), Killua/Gon(HxH), Killua/Kurapica(HxH), Hisoka/Illumi(HxH), Killua/Kurapica/Gon(HxH) etc.

Current Events:
Posted on 12/05/03 'Lion meets an Angel (Ch. 1)' for the fanfic "An Angel To The Rescue!"

Past Events:
Posted on 10/31/03 fanfiction prologue 'An Angel to the Rescue!' Gundam Wing, pairing: 3x4
Posted on 10/06/03 fanfiction chapter one 'Tohru's Diary' Fruits Basket pairing: YukixKyou
Posted on 10/07/03 chapter two of 'Tohru's Diary' Fruits Basket pairing: YukixKyou
Posted on 09/30/03 fanfiction 'What?' Fruits Basket pairing: YukixKyou
Posted on 10/04/03 fanfiction 'Heartache' Fruits Basket pairing: YukixKyou
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