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User Name:Tsukitani
Last Visited On:Apr. 15th, 2008, 17:07:09, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2003
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Biography:2/6/05: I have so many excuses for why is God's name I haven't updated...but I'm not going to say them. The bottom line is this: I'm back on line, I'm not dead, and I'm trying very hard to get back into the swing of my stories! I can't say when my next update will be, but I will be updating AFTER I FINISH THE WHOLE STORY. Thanks for all of your wonderful support, and over 25,000 hits on Yume! *bows humbly* You honor this unworthy author.

Stuck on Inuyasha until I get Yume complete. Maybe a Koucha Ouji or a really out-there HanaKimi in the future(?).

FanFiction Summaries:


Yume:[R] *CH. 12 UP* Visited nightly by a strange vision, Sesshoumaru vows the woman who seems to be able to harness the power of Tetsusaiga will become his. His search leads him to Kagome, whose powers are beginning to manifest in shocking ways. S/K

Deja-vu:[PG] *COMPLETE!* Ten years after Naraku's defeat, Kagome receives a visit from someone she never thought to see again. Could this be the answer to her prayers, or her heart's worst nightmare come to life? WAFFy, somewhat angsty feel-good piece on Kag/Inu/Sess. COMPLETE!

Kissing Booth: [PG] *POSTED* Answer to a One Hour Challenge. AU. Kagome's boss railroads her into sitting for the Kissing Booth at the company Christmas Festival. What happens when he realizes he can't stand the thought of her kissing anyone but him? It's all in the name of charity...and love! S/K one-shot.
Beware falling WAFF!

Fruits Basket

Force of Destiny:[R] **DISCONTINUED** Akito delivers an ultimatum! Yuki sacrifices himself to grant Touru happiness with his enemy, but destiny brings someone to him who may be able to lift his curse and grant his fondest desire. Y,T,OC triangle angst.

Using Your Head:[PG-13] *ONE-SHOT* This is a short satire/parody loosely based on the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". Yukiru.

HanaKimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)

Looking Back:[PG13] *COMPLETE*
Written so long ago it's not funny. Sano is sleep-deprived and says something he shouldn't to Mizuki. Is the charade over? (Answer to a One-Hour Challenge)

Avid otaku (started with Robotech all those decades ago!)with a degree in Japanese. Of course, anime/manga is the FUN part! I get a kick out of letting MY version of events develop into stories, and am glad to have found an outlet to share those with others.

I'm always trying new manga series (my latest obsession is the polar opposite of my previous shounen kick: shoujo!)---pretty much randomly chosen for the artwork and sex appeal. So for those of you who can read Japanese, or just like good art, I found one or two I like (most of these can be found on various IRC groups):

TT's Manga Picks:

Meru Puri--Hino Matsuri

Koucha Ouji--Yamada Nanpei (why won't they animate this?!?)

Zettai Kareshi--Watase Yuu

Diamond Head--??

Am I the only one really disgusted with Nakajou Hisaya for what she's done to HanaKimi? *sigh*

Love getting feedback, so review me, please!If you liked my fics (or didnít), drop me a line, Iíd like to hear your thoughts. Constructive criticism is always welcomeóI may even take your advice. ^^ Flames, while read (maybe), will be ignored. Sorry, I just donít have time for those who have nothing better to do than blindly insult others. If Iíve committed some grave crime and you find it absolutely necessary to tell me...knock yourself out.

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