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User Name:jeffs
Name/Nick:Jeff Shelton
Last Visited On:Aug. 29th, 2014, 13:07:00, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2003
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Biography:Projects/ideas . . .

My current list of potential ideas and stories. Hopefully I can get some feedback at to which stories/ideas to do next . . .

1. Continue “A Shard in Kyoto” I had hoped for more readers, but. The readers on the story have been very responsive.

2. “Kagome’s Homework” spamfic. Kagome has to do a book report of The Tale of Genji, and asks the gang for help. (Basically done. It’s more a story idea, than a story, but..)

3. “Kagome & Kouga A night together”: Kouga kidnaps Kagome again. She spends the night with his tribe and him. A “get to know” you story.

4. Fast Friends, Best Friends: Kagome/Sango. Lime. (Plotted

5. “Pirates of the inland sea” shard in pirate hands on the inland sea of japan. (Idea from shard, otherwise, nothing)

6. Kagome’s school adv. (No title): cont. of When Friends Storyline. Kagome’s friends try to help her out, by getting her some speed (drugs) to help her. A Kagome/drug story.

7. (post- Kagome where are you storyline) The group vs. Naraku fight. No title. My version of the final battle. Mainly a set-up for Kagome, goddess of Japan, see below. (Plotted out, only)

8. Kagome vs terrorists: A terror group holds Kagome’s school hostage. Kagome is in school when it happens...

9. Crossover Kirara/Shampoo. Long fic . . . Kirara can go thru the well. What happens when Shampoo is cast out, does she have anybody that would accept her . . . (somewhat plotted. A long fic . . . )

10. (Post Kagome where are you storyline) Kagome, goddess of Japan: What happens if Kagome realizes that with her powers (increased in the final battle with Naraku, see above), her knowledge of history, and modern tech . . . she can change the world . . . and make it better. Mega-story. 450 years of history . . . (plotted) Massive Story. From Kagome learning to use her increased powers, to the present day . . . massive changes in history . . .

11. Spring fertility related stories...

11a: Miroku and the demon. A story of a young (13/14 year old Miroku) and an early sexually active adventure

11b: Inu-yasha’s first time. Somebody before Kikyo hurt him. Who & How...

11c: the inn: the group spends the night in a inn with newlyweds.

12 Sess “the price of power” How far will Sess go to increase his powers. A story of a young sess.

13: Sess.... a ghost want’s to raised from the dead... He’ll do anything to get raised..

I would like to get some feedback about which I should do next. Please email me at jws1@webtv.net or post comments/reviews.

I am probably forgetting a few ideas, but these are the ones that are floating in my head.

I did write a few ranma fics a few years ago. I will probably, one of these days, dig them out and post them. (They will need to be cleaned up, first)

FF.net has removed three of my stories. sigh...

A Shard in Kyoto (later chapters where rated R, but I didn't increase the rating of the story. my mistake. sigh.)

Motherhood (very delicate subject matter...)

99 Sits for Inu-yasha (sigh. It was an interactive story. I'll have to edit it and remove the interaction. sigh.)

Shard & 99 sits, once I fix them, I'll repost. Motherhood... we'll see. I don't think I can fix that one. purses lips. we'll see.

I can't post new stories until MAY 8th. I will continue to post on mediaminner and adult ff.net on my normal schedule.

thank you
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