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User Name:Youkai Yume
Name/Nick:Sandra Chiem
Last Visited On:May. 29th, 2010, 09:36:56, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2003
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Yahoo Handle:youkaiyume
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Biography:"If Life is But a DreamÖThen Dreaming is my Life"
-Youkai Yume


Just a 17-year-old girl who has way too much on her plate and not enough time to endulge in fanfics. (sob) Which is why you see so many fanfics and not enough of them completed.

Most of my works are Sess/Kag but I do dabble in others as well. Currently, I am way too obsessed with Samurai Champloo... (sigh) Jin is sooo hot. Right now, I'm more focused on my artwork than my writings, but I try to keep myself balanced. Writing does bring me joy, heh.

All works here are property of Youkai Yume. Any plagiarism of mine, or any one elseís works will be reported and taken off of the site. I SHALL HUNT YOU DOWN LIKE A DOG!

That goes for anyone who has the nerve to report lemons, flame an author, or any other kind of trivial reason too. Freedom of Speech! I hate all lapdogs of fanfiction.net who go and slink around ruining and constricting the creativity of others, just because they have a close-minded brain. On that note, we also don't want to hear from people who don't like alternate pairings, Yaoi, Slash, Femslash, or any preference that an author prefer. It's fanfiction! Relax. The author can create a world however they see fit. Most of the time, I don't support these things myself, but I don't go and put others down just because they do.

Also, I do not accept flames on any of my stories. Criticism is welcome, but donít insult me and then just leave without telling me what Iím doing wrong.

If you don't like the story, click the"back" button. If you HAVE to put in your two cents, then at least give the author tips on how to improve instead of being an ass and then telling them to stop writing, threaten them or something like that. I am polite and helpful in my reviews to other authors, and I expect the same courtesy for me.

[Where Else Posted]

A/N: Click any one of these to view my profile on a different site, where the full, complete and latest chapters of my stories will be posted. IMPORTANT! These are also the full, uncut version of my fics, meaning lemons (sexual situations) will be involved. The clean version will only be posted here of fanfiction.net.

Fanfiction.net (Not fully completely updated): http://www.fanfiction.net/~youkainoyume

A Single Spark: A Kagome and Sesshoumaru Site (Kag/Sess fics only): http://kagsess.eternal-adoration.net/fanficstories.php?aid=32

[Artwork Gallery]

A/N: My fanart pieces, as well as my original works can be viewed at the following sites. Please Leave a comment _.

Mediaminer.org(Fanart only): http://www.mediaminer.org/fanart/src.php/a/76312

Deviantart.com(All of my work, including original): http://youkaiyume.deviantart.com

A Single Spark(KagSess fanart only): http://kagsess.eternal-adoration.net/imagesfanart.php

[Mailing List/ Contact]

To know when the latest chapters are posted on my other sites, get me to put you onto my mailing list! Or, to make any comments, questions, etc., You can contact me by:

Instant Message (YIM): youkaiyume

E-mail: youkaiyume@yahoo.com OR youkaiyume@hotmail.com
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