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User Name:Armored Red Eyes
Last Visited On:Sep. 25th, 2013, 21:44:54, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hello all! ^.^ My name's Kelly. But you probably knew that already. My other pen name is MoonlitMeowth, but I decided to use my screen name instead. Well, I'm sister to Shinimegami, but I think her name here might be Shi-Rauko. Or something like that... ^.^;;;
Anyway, I'm eighteen years old and now I'm in college.
Anyways, I now have five stories for the moment, and one of them was a story USED to be on fanfiction.net. Oh well. They deleted it... How RUDE. Oh well, AGAIN.
I'm quite the cat person, and my favorite Pokemon is Meowth. But, you probably figured that out too. I like Yu-Gi-Oh and my favorite monster is the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. ^.^
I have some really good friends that rock hard. =D
One of the things that takes my interest is pigeons. I just can't live without them. Well, when I finally move out of my house, I'm going to get my own pigeon farm. Wouldn't that be COOL?! Heh heh, well maybe you might not think the same thing...
I also have two pet hamsters. They're pretty cute. ^.^
BTW Have you read my sister's story that I part write? It's called The Life of Shinimegami and MoonlitMeowth. I loooooove to co-write that story. We have so many chapters already written, but we haven't had the time to update them yet... ^.^;;; That's okay though.
Here's a list of stuff about me if you care at all:

Birthday: June 21, 1990
Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: B+
Height: 5'4"
Age: 18
Grade: College Freshman
Ethnicity: A bunch of stuff! (Mainly Welsh)
Hair: Short, and brown
Eye Color: Brown


Color: Blue
Animal: Leopard
Food: Raviolis! (Go Italy!)
Video Game: Resident Evil! (Any one that I've played I enjoy)
Movie: Valiant, and then Pirates of the Caribbean. (The FIRST one!)
Pet that I have: My cat, Phil
Day of the week: Saturday! XD
Soda: Dr. Pepper!
Book: Any Stephen King book that I've read I've liked, but I'm partial to Pet Semetary.
Activity: I have so many, but I must say video games tops it all off.
Manga: Excel Saga.
Anime: Fruits Basket.
Style of humor: Witty humor.
Genre: Romance, comedy, horror, or any combination of the three.

This or That:

Pirate or Ninja?: Pirate. Argh, matey!
Gold or Silver: Gold
Good or Evil: Good all the way!
Theatre or not theatre?: Ummm, THEATRE FOREVER!!!
Friends or Food: Friends because you can eat food with them! ^^
Video games or reading a book: Gah! I love them both!
Book or Movie: Book.
Birthday Party or Cast Party: Birthday party. Hey, they have cake.
To be or Not to be: That is the question?
Cat or Dog: I have both, but I like cats better.
English or French: I speak English better, but I enjoy speaking French.
Talking online or on phone: Online 'cause I get to type! XD
Cake or Pie: Cake 'cause cake is better!
Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes: Garfield.
Skittles or MMs: Taste the rainbow!
Saturday or Sunday: Saturday because I don't have Monday looming over my head.
Well, that's all the stuff I feel like tellin' ya now! See ya later when I remember more stuff! ^.~

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