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User Name:Kasia Matsubishi
Last Visited On:Apr. 26th, 2013, 15:19:52, PDT
Registered On:September 09, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:mistress_of_ice2003
AIM Handle:bishounenlover79
name: kasia you shall never know the other MWHAHAHA
gender: oh look at my email address can you guess no guy can be an angel even a dark one
looks: ice apperition,electric blue hair that goes to waist, ice blue eyes, about 1/2 inch shorter than hiei, wears a black shirt that usually has some smart remark on it todays smart remark is 'If I throw a stick will you go away?' wears black baggy jeans and combat boots and has a leather jacket with a snow flake on the back has kanta strapped on back daggers in jacket and belt likes to make ice maces and ice barriers i also have brain control powers *makes touya hug kasia* braincontrol powers have their privlages

things i like:
i like sweet snow

pairings i like:
sess/kag they are just so cute together
kag/koaga inuyasha doesen't deserve kag that two timer!
yusuke/kieko ...
nar/kag so i am a naraku fan make fun of me and face my authoress wrath
sango/miroku ....
shippo/rin in AU not when their kids you sickos
miroku/kagome ...
couples i hate:
shippo/kagome that is sick he is like her son
rin/sess again sick
yukina/hiei YUCK! they are brother and sister for crying out loud!!
kuwabara/yukina he doesn't deserve her
kikyou/inuyasha stupid two timers

i shall add more

(and everyone wanted to know that)

shut up jem!!

(why? i like getting you mad its fun just about as fun as killing innocent bystanders)

humph stuff it and go watch a horror flick with marik or something


damn jem needs to learn some manners

my favorite shows: inuyasha,cowboy bebop, ruroni kenshin,yuyu hakushow,dbz, and trigun

Fav anime characters: touya, Sesshoumaru,Hiei,Kurama,and vegeta(in order from greatest to least)

fav quotes: it is better to shut up and let people think your stupid then to speak and erase all doubts (made by sesshoumaru in some ficcy i forgot the name)

these are all by hiei:
Don't worry fool, we've entered int an alliance and I'm not the type to break it. Of course, after we win the tournament I can't guarantee anything." by hiei

Ninja's are revolting, they stole my idea. I'll have to kill them now."

So tell me, how does it feel to be in a constant haze of stupidity?"

random quotes:
life without gore or bloodshed would be a very boring life-me

so kind,so pleasant, such an old bitter hag-razz

death is only an escape from this wicked world-razz

in solitude there is great strenghth-razz

random randomness-me

You son of a seamonkey!-razz

my brain is random-me


vicks smells goooooooooood-razz

shhhhh.....the walls have ears- me & razz

do not mock the name of the Kracker Wolf Klan-razz&me

pity is for the weak minded-by someone i don't rememeber

denial is the sincerest form of truth-me

thank you for listening to our stupidness there shall be more have a nice day *smiles like the employees of micky D's*

favorite weapons (mostly to use on kikiyo,kuwabara and my brother) are : mace, dagger and sword

things you need to know: i hate all rin/sess pairings i think they are sick, i love sess/kag pairings, i hate kikiyo and kuwabara, and i am hyper very often i also hate jaken

~~*note*~~ all my stories have been put on hiatus until further notice
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