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User Name:Alesyira
Last Visited On:Feb. 14th, 2021, 07:17:50, PST
Registered On:September 09, 2003
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Biography:Nov 2020: There's a sequel to The Blue Anshan that I'm working on and posting to FFN and AO3. (AO3 gets updates first because I like the site more.)

Also, whoops, I finished tBA in October and posted the whole thing on other sites and forgot to post the rest here. sorry.

This site is such a PITA. please read my fic updates on AO3 or FFN. I have no desire to even bother with this dinosaur of a site rn.

MMO used to be my favorite place to post and read. :(

Update 6/20/2020
I forgot about updating this bio. I’ve been working on new content for tBA :) see my profile on ffn for more tidbits. Currently at 30k words for unposted content that’s still in progress :D

Update 9/11/2018
(random whining removed)
PS: Some of the extra dirty scenes I kept wanting to add into Anshan ended up getting spun into another story I was working on at the time and added into a smut-fic I posted on adultfanfiction under an alternate penname Ettophe (I took some of the situations I wanted to write and dropped it into a different storyline, no YYH included). If you're really interested in that kind of junk, no one's stopping you from digging through the mess of the internet to find even more mess on the internet. Also, it's kind of no-holds-barred so consider yourself warned...

Update 7-25-2017
(more random whining removed)
I feel very bad for leaving readers hanging for this long. LOL my final posted chapter said the next material would be there in a week or less. (EIGHT YEARS LATER....)

Update: 3/31/2017
I've had many life changes. Things are great!
(whining about not wanting to write removed)
Much love to any readers who randomly stumble on my stuff.

Updated 4-09-10, 2:55pm:
I started Wander five years ago. Tonight, while procrastinating from some fascinating homework (lol, not) I actually started sticking Wander into a new project folder within Liquid Story Binder so I can work on actual revisions. I know I haven't written SHIT in like, a year, on my current in-progress fic (Blue Anshan), but life's been busy and stupid, and I just haven't really wanted to write. Well, I HAVE wanted to write, but I've been busy and terribly distracted.

Anyways, I'd originally revised chapters 1-7, but posted only the first four ... or five?... chapters here, because as I worked on the next chapters, I had to move around some stuff from later points in the story, and posting something that you'd end up reading again later down the line would be really REALLY weird and completely unprofessional.

Anyways, I'm actually writing again. I think.

Like any of you actually read my profile...

Please visit my Deviantart gallery for most of my other stuff, or email me if you can't find something!


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