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Rurouni's Family:
Two young adults who are connected to Kenshin and their journey as they become wanderers after a tragedy in happens to their family. Join them as they meet new friends, share adventures, get into danger, pull pranks and occasionaly run into Kenshin and other old friends.

Running For Protection:
Kaoru has just commited a crime and is on the run for her life. She arrives at a doorstep injured and is saved by the man living there. What will happen and who exactly is the mysterious red-headed man? Due to me re-thought, don't realy like how it's turning out.

When The Time Comes:
AU. Kaoru travels for a living and many she meets are left to wonder what could have happened to her. When she is captured by Lord Himura, the next in line for the throne, what questions will be answered? Can she escape, or does she realy want to? Will the ten year mystery behind the disapperance of a princess be solve?


Another Generation:
Join the Senshi's childern, Haruto, and Serena as a fight for world peace and self preservation dominate their lives. When Serena commands the senshi to leave Earth's dimension and they end up in a parrellel univers stuck in the past, what will happen? A whole new adventure and battle.
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