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User Name:DemonDarkHorse
Last Visited On:Aug. 03rd, 2009, 17:01:46, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2003
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AIM Handle:SupremeThunder18
Biography:i like anime. a lot. list of my faves in no particular order: rurouni kenshin/samurai x, trigun, FAKE, argento soma, X/tokyo babylon, samurai deeper kyo, saiyuki 1&2, vampire hunter d 1&2, twilight of the dark master, demon city shinjuku, akira (classic), casshan the robot hunter, record of lodoss war, blood the last vampire, fushigi yugi, ronin warriors, iria, orphen 1&2, hellsing, berserk, gatekeepers 1&2, excel saga, wolf's rain, samurai champloo, tsukikage ran, peacemaker kurogane, princess mononoke, spirited away, grave of the fireflies, wicked city, generator gawl, MKR, weiss kruez, cowboy bebop, fushigi yugi, and probably a helluva a lot more. I've been watching anime forever, in case you can't tell by some of the older anime like akira, iria, and casshan.

anyways, i read too, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, mercedes lackey. mostly scifi, but some horror and general fiction too. and any manga of the above anime i can get my hands on. it helps that i work at a bookstore.

i watch movies other than anime, like LOTR, matrix, xmen, interview with the vampire, star wars, knights tale, american beauty, equilibrium, anything with ewan macgregor, wes bentley, or heath ledger in it. I'm pretty open. humor's good too. friday, rush hour, jay and silent bob, original kings of comedy.

ever since samurai x: seisohen, i've decided to rant about endings of series. (SPOILERS!)

first off, i thought seisohen was really well done. i wish anime works had produced it instead of ADV, cuz i hate the ADV english cast. AW english cast=good. that said, the ending to the coolest anime ever was complete bullshit. c'mon! a disease? lame. the series ending (from AW), though, that was acceptable. a little sappy, but good.

generator gawl: also well done, but story wise, geez! i had no idea what was going on half the time. wait, i stand corrected. i watched it again recently and got what was going on. dont know why gawl had that much power, but anyways...

trigun: loved the anime, but the ending was a little weak. i wouldve loved to see vash totally kick someones ass. not in his character, but it wouldve been cool. with an ending like that, i want a sequel.

orphen: lots of loose ends, but the second tv series is coming out eventually. a weird pregnancy thing though. the chick, azalea (i remembered!) is pregnant with her love? nasty.

orphen 2: never even mentioned the whole azalea/childman thing, and lycoris was bloody annoying. i think orphen needed to get socked around a little more. the man's not infallible, you know, but overall i liked it. and the outtakes are hysterical, especially majik's.

magic knight rayearth: eagle died like a chump. thats all im gonna say on that.

berserk: my first reaction upon seeing the end? "Oh hell naw, i know that ain't it." second reaction was me flipping off my TV, throwing things, and shouting "i want my money back!"

samurai deeper kyo: really cool. loved the whole thing. i was surprised they left who survived the fight between kyo and kyoshiro ambiguous, but thats ok. dan green's voice is sexy.

argento soma: a little weak, but still pretty good. kinda disappointed that ryu was "rehabilitated", but whatre you gonna do? and the explanation for the aliens and that creepy red haired guy were sorta lame. but it was original.

x: huzzah. probably the best ending to a series ive seen, with the possible exception of SDK and trigun. told the story well, and its totally different from the movie. loved that subaru lived (hes been my fave clamp chara since tokyo babylon), annoyed that kamui probably died, since fuma was a dirty no good bastard. screw destiny!

cowboy bebop: wait wait, THIS was one of the best endings ever. that fight was awesome. poor spike, though.

hellsing: alucard kicks ass. like, astronomical amounts of ass. is it just me, or are most major japanese male vampires named alucard/arucard? call him dracula and get it over with! youre not fooling anyone!

weiss kruez gluhen/knight hunters eternal: thank god it was better animated than the first one, but how in the hell can a little punk ass kid kill aya? totally lame. And yoji losing his memory? Ken in jail? what a cop-out.

saiyuki: speaking of cop-outs, they didn't even show how they subdued goku! he woulda whooped all their asses, seriously. it was fantastic up until the very end, sort of like berserk, but not quite as crappy. it left me feeling empty, like i was missing an episode or something. but let me get back to you when reload's done.

thats it for now. let me know what you think. shit i watch a lot of anime. im such a nerd.
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