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User Name:Shade Menkui
Last Visited On:Jul. 09th, 2004, 22:24:14, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:Veyall
Biography:So you want to know about moi? Weird...oh well...
Name: Kelley
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5"8 in shoes.
Hobbies: Web desing, drawing, writing, reading.
Website: http://www.hostultra.com/~cottonland
Favorite Books: Battle Royale, The Harry Potter series, Confessions of a B Movie Actor: If Chins Could Kill.
Favorite Movies: Ichi the Killer, Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Favorite Animes: Zetsuai, Naruto, Lupin III, Gravitation, Cowboy Bebop, Yami no Matsuei.
Favorite Mangas: Petshop of Horrors, Demon Diary, Fake.
Favorite Video Games: FFVII, MGS.
Favorite Couples: Squall/Seifer, Shuichi/Yuki, Izumi/Koji, Dee/Ryo, Shion/Allen, Spike/Faye, Duo/Heero.

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