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User Name:Venomous_Angel_of_Hades
Last Visited On:Jun. 16th, 2012, 23:06:30, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:angeluck89@yahoo.com
AIM Handle:dragonsautum@aol.com
Biography:Hi everyone Lady Vaoh here!
Okay this would be my like biography.

Name: Angel
Age: 21
Grade: Junior in college
Weight: Nunya
Race: Jamerican (translation) Jamacian and African American. (My sister made that up)
Location: Planet Earth
Immediate Family: 3 sisters, and mother.

I live in the quiet city of *bleep* right next to the city of *bleep*. You know those parental blocks. *looks over at her mother* see i didn't tell them, you can leave now.

Mom: don't give away any important information.

Lady Vaoh: yes mother *holds up hands* scouts honor *big cheesy smile*

Mom: alright.

Lady Vaoh: *waits until her mother is gone and scoffs* please like I'm a scout. *is suddenly struck by a UFO (Unidentified Flailing Object)*

Mom: Angel I mean it don't make me have to throw the dog at you again.

Lady Vaoh: *pushes the dog off of her and is slightly dizzy* yes m..m..mommy. *passes out*

Leanna(youngest sister): *walks in and sighs at Lady Vaoh* let me guess you got hit by a Unidentified Flailing Object again didn't ya.

Lady Vaoh: *gurgles in her unconscious state*

Leanna: be happy that this time it was the dog and not the bird remember the nice present it left for you in your hair the smell didn't come out for a week.

Lauren(2nd eldest also known as Sango16): *walks in* let me guess UFO?

Leanna: yup.

Lauren: the bird, the dog, or the crab?

Leanna: the dog. Are we gonna finish for her?

Lauren: might as well. okay readers your host Lady Vaoh has been temporarily knocked out cold by my Shitzu so it looks like we'll have to finish what she started.

(Fav Anime and some that she's seen)
Cowboy Bebop
Yu Yu Hakusho
Wolf's Rain
(at times)Dragonball(all of them)
Saint Seiya (they cut it off)
.hack//sign (never saw the last episode)
Totally Spies
Sailor Moon(love is dwindling)
Zoids (the one with Bit Cloud & Zeek)
Outlaw Star (sadly taken off the air)
Case Closed (keep missing episodes)
Lupin the Third
Yu-Gi-Oh (love is dwindling)
Armitage (haven't seen all)
Rurouni Kenshin
SD Gundam(their so cute)
Fruits Basket
Kare Kano
Tarot Cafe
Alice the 19th

Leanna: my turn now for her Favorite Pairings, but pairings may change as she reads more.

Fav Pairings
Kurama/Hiei(luv is dwindling)
Yusuke/Hiei(only under certain circumstances)




Kagome/Kurama(only on certain circumstances)

Lauren: Alright now that that's done she wants me to tell you her fav music artists.

Fav Music Artists
Yellow Card
Simple Plan
Good Charlotte
Jill Scott
India Arie
Erikah Badu
Linkin' Park
Dixie Chicks
Brad Paisley
Martina McBridge (hope I spelled that right)
Maroon 5
Fefe Doubson
Ashley Simpson
Kenny Chesney
Gretchen Wilson
Avril Levigne
Kelly Clarkson
Michelle Branch
Vanessa Carlton
Anthony Hamilton
Luther Van Dross
Mary J. Blige
Panic At The Disco
Bob Marley
Black Eyed Peas
Alicia Keys
Keith Urban
R Kelly
Destiny's Child
Fall Out Boy

(or mostly anything that sounds good to her)

Lady Vaoh: *suddenly pops up* Ow much. Could you have thrown him any harder.

Mom: I can try?

Lady Vaoh: that was so a retorical question.

Mom: don't ask a question if you don't want an answer *walks back into the kitchen*

Lady Vaoh: anyway, thanks guys.

Leanna: what are sisters for? *holds out hand*

Lady Vaoh: *sighs* dangit that was my last five*hands her money*

Lauren: and I will be borrowing your trapt cd for the month *sisters walk away*

Lady Vaoh: moochers, anyway I guess it's time to tell you a little about myself. Well I like drawing, writing(obviously), singing, writing songs, listening to music. I am slightly sheepish but talk if I need or want to, and if you catch me on a bad day or make me mad I will not hesitate to beat you down or cuss you out, other than that I don't hit anybody and I'm nice to my friends, I'm laid back, I don't really get out much thus some people just automatically annoy the hell out of me, I like the finer things in life though, for ex. you can usually catch me outside looking at the scenery, especially in fall (my fav time of the year), talking to my mom or my sisters about the most idiotic things, or you could find me in my basement thinking up new stories to corrupt your already insane minds, MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough*cough* sorry I just ate some chocolate. Like I said I'm laid back and very insane for ex. my fav words are spork and snickerdoodle, I just think they are so hilarious. Well readers that's the end of it, well seeya. The Beginnig of the End of Our Forever is on hiatus. Okay gotta go seeya ^_^
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