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User Name:nevynslash
Name/Nick:Nevyn Slash
Last Visited On:Mar. 10th, 2015, 01:21:52, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2003
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Yahoo Handle:endermaryn
AIM Handle:endermaryn
Biography:16 Jan 2015

Just a wee bit about me:

I still read too much fanfiction and write not nearly enough of it.

I am mostly vegan. I love to read. I am in college. I am obsessed with dwarves and hate elves. And I have recently started running at night.

I am terribly addicted to Shield Agent (Steve Rogers/Phil Coulson) fiction. I love Anders/M!Hawke. I still enjoy Goku/Vegeta. I adamantly believe that Legolas and Gimli would have adorable children together.

I can count on one hand the number of Het pairings I tolerate and even then, I cannot read them.

I am a big fan of Mpreg but I absolutely loath Alpha/Omega stories. I find them truly vile.

I value plot greatly and do not read smut.

I am it the middle of writing an Avengers Shield Agent story. I have plans for a Dragon Age story. And I am undertaking an epic project that involves rewriting the Hobbit. Hopefully once these are out of the way, I can go back and finish my John/Sherlock, Blair/OMC and Dragonball Z stories.

Do I have a lot of projects? Sadly: Yes. How long before I post things? Hopefully soon! I just need to better discipline myself when it comes to reading fanfiction.
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