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User Name:rayjayiscrazy
Name/Nick:Ray-O Jay-O (or Rachael... But Known by RayJay)
Last Visited On:Sep. 18th, 2005, 11:53:08, PDT
Registered On:October 10, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:Hey! I'm RayJay!

Age: 16
Favorite Color: RED BABY!


I guess I've been really bad lately... I've been adding tons of one-shots and crap. I think I've been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too inspired to write them. Mainly, I've been writing alot of Sess/Rin or Link/Zelda ones. I think I might write a Hatori/Kanna one from Fruits Basket.


ADGENDA FOR ME: (Fanfic wise...)
AS OF JUNE 25, 2004:

1. Anastasia: The Lost Princess =
I'm about 25% done with this chapter. Uh... I'm also writer's blocking so I don't want to force the chapter or else it will be really sappy or just really boring in general... I couldn't tell you when I'm going to put it up.

2. Meeting Kuri =
This fic is about half way done anyways. I need to spice it up with a bunch of goofy humor and such. I haven't begun this chapter yet but I should within the next few days.

3. Love: The Gift to Those That Find It =
I just posted chapter two so GO READ IT!

4. I'm thinking about adding some one shots so if you like my one shots, keep tabs on them!

5. I'm also thinking of writing a Yu-Gi-OH fic but I'm not quite sure of the pairing yet... I might do Seto/OC or Seto/Serenity... Something like that. I know Yaoi pairings are popular but... ugh... I'm sorry I can't write OR read them... The same with Yuri...


One shots that I've been adding with a passion:

1. My Immortal: A Tribute to Rin
2. A Deeper Look
3. Return to Me

There might be another song fic coming soon so if you're a fan of those, watch out for it!

Well, I must be off! I'm also found at the following places but with less fics up!

1. Sesshoumaru the Killing Perfection (under the penname of RayJayChan)

2. Fanfiction.net (under the penname of RayJay88)

Well, see ya!

Volvere mas tarde! (Spanish for: I will be back later!)
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