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User Name:Kenkaya
Name/Nick:Decline to state
Last Visited On:Apr. 06th, 2012, 18:59:29, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:kenkaya zoshi
Biography:Age: 27

Fandoms: I tend to explore multiple fandoms depending on my mood and current obsessions. So far, I've only posted Rurouni Kenshin (RK,) Inuyasha (IY,) and Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) fics though I have written unposted work from from other series.

Fanfic Peeves... Or, Things I Usually Avoid Reading: Blatant character bashing, Inconsistent/random POV changes, slash/yaoi/yuri (I have nothing against its existence and even read a couple good ones in the past. Its just not my cup of tea...)

About Me And My Writing: I'm a full-time college student studying costume and fashion design. My program is very studio heavy- so unfortunately, I don't have the time I used to for fanfic. I still write when I can and NONE of my stories are abandoned, they just won't be updated frequently. I write for my own personal enjoyment over anything else. I refuse to post rushed, sloppy writing and encourage critique to help me become a better writer. Flames do not bother me. Some have actually been somewhat constructive and the rest just gave me a good laugh. I only write het (as is my personal preference) and tend to stick with canon pairings. I do, however, enjoy a well done alternate pairing and will occasionally write one when inspiration strikes. I may have my preferred and avoid-at-all-costs pairings, but overall I'm not a very obsessive shipper.

Links To My Other Fanworks:

Cosplay- http : // members.cosplay.com / member / 60807 / Another hobby I spend ungodly amounts of time on.

Fanart- http://kenkaya.deviantart.com/ My deviant gallery. Mainly just fanart and posed cosplay photos.

I also post all my fanfics under the same pen name on www.fanfiction.net

Update Info: I post in depth update info for all my fanworks on livejournal, which is set as my homepage. For those looking for a quick status report, here are the stats of my ongoing works as of 8/20/11-

Adore- Chapter 5, 60 percent complete (4242 words)

Different Always Means the Same Thing- Chapter 11, 50 percent complete (1267 words)

Legacy of Hanyou Tower- A MASSIVE re-write of my earlier story, Hanyou of Notre Dame. On temporary hiatus until I get more headway on my other projects.

Let's Get Sesshoumaru Laid!- This is pretty much a random crackfic with no plot, so it only gets updated when inspiration strikes or I desperately need to vent at IY fangirls.

Queen of Hearts, Jack of Spades- Chapter 6, 40 percent complete (1934 words)
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