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User Name:sephlier
Name/Nick:Erin Coons
Last Visited On:Jun. 07th, 2008, 21:39:50, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2003
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Yahoo Handle:tschi_uwe
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:As of this moment:

Thirty One is here and not one...well, maybe one work of fiction is complete...

I am working on my Final Fantasy VII fics the most. I am sorry for letting certain projects slide. It's been busy in some cases and lazy in others.

About me: I'm an Indiana newbie...bisexual at heart yet asexual by choice. (think about it-it's not hard to figure out) Girlfriends and boyfriends have been great but I've been toning this lifestyle o' mine down-got me a boyfriend! I love cats (I have seven and a half: Skittles, Daisy Mae and Cloud-Vincent Strife (Coons ^_^)I named him before I ever knew that there was a yaoi pairing for the two), Kaiden-Mitsuhiro (named for the actor Mitsuhiro Oikawa), Aya Fujibrea (Named for both Aya Brea of Parasite Eve and Aya of Weiss Kreuz), Shake (named for the little loud mouth penguin boy in Wutai during one of Yuffie's story arcs), and Schuldig (yep, named for Shuldig/Schuldich of Schwartz from Weiss Kreuz) and the half is Caash (named for the movie based on the anime CAASHERN.)

My loves are anime, yaoi, yuri, JRock, JPOP, Gackt, Dir en Grey, X Japan, Kawamura Ryuichi, Hide (forever love Rest In Peace), Utada Hikaru, Faye Wong, and Kanno Yoko (I'm new to this spectrum of music too...)

I love writing and video games especially Final Fantasy rpgs. I have only written two main fanfics..and I haven't finished either of them. My story for Final Fantasy VII is quite old and was not completed before the release of Advent Children or the other Final Fantasy VII branches...but that's okay, I DO NOT and WILL NOT consider Dirge Of Cerberus to be of any import. I see it as experimental on one part and Yuffie's lucid dream on another. My Final Fantasy projects are, not only, my first attempt at writing a fanfiction, it is also the first projects that I have been able to continue for this long.

Both of my stories are being worked on side by side. Awakening involvles characters and happenings from the game and was written on a dare that I made to myself. I have read some fics about the game that were both good and bad and I wanted to see if I could write something on my own terms. I used a person that I met a long time ago and added her to my story. This project has been quite the undertaking for me.

A New Life At The Academy was written because I fell in love with the story line in the anime, the movie and the manga. I wanted to try and add a new viewpoint to the tale of the Revolutionary Girl. I admit that I have gotten some of the happenings in each media confused...I am trying to go back through the episodes and straighten out my events. Both stories are written from my own memory and imagination.

Thank you for any reviews and I will try to update as often as I can. I hope you enjoy these stories. If I have done anything wrong please leave feedback that I can use(ie: you've made some spelling errors here is where they are, too many sentance fragments, you have a dead sentance and you are missing words here)...it eases any mixed feelings. ^_^ Thanks!!!

Without friends, my cats, music, and of course the games and anime themselves that got me hooked so bad, I would not be able to write so much. Thank you everyone!!! ^_^

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