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User Name:Miss Nikki
Last Visited On:Oct. 13th, 2009, 11:22:56, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2003
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:themissnikki
AIM Handle:themissnikki
Biography:August 8, 08
I just thought I'd update this for the hell of it. I've been out of the scene so long I doubt anyone looks for me here anymore. I do feel kinda bad but life isn't as easy going as it used to be. I really do want to finish the stories I started. And incidentilly I've started a new one. Looks promising in the interest department, in the completeing it department, ha! People won't know what InuYasha is by the time I get around to finishing it. Yeah, I see it now, I'm 90 and still trying to finish stories I started in highschool. I suck as an author. Well that's all there is to say on this Friday.

Jan 21 07
I'm back to writting but I'll make no promises on how often I'll be updating. It's just to soon to tell. I'm starting school on the 23. I'll start and gradually finish Two InuYashas. After I'll move on to Reversed Roles.

Dec 13 06
I'm sick as a dog. I haven't written in a while, me and whatever muse I had fell out of sync. I wrote a few poems but I have no clue when I'll be back up to writting stories. If you read this you care, if you don't blah.

Oct 12 05
Well I've finally loaded the chapter and am working on the next one.

Sept 28 05
I've gotten my laptop back and I am currently writing my next chapter to Two InuYashas. Reversed Role has two chapters coming up within the next two weeks.
If you are into the forums scene there are a couple that I frequent.



Jan 31 05
No I haven't updated but I do have a notify list for when I do update. Just click the link on the review page for the story you want notifications on. Don't worry if it's not up yet it will be soon!
Love MN

Jan 24 05
I'm back in school and I am 1/4 of the way to purchasing a compact. If I can pay off my credit card I'll put the remainder on the card so I can get updates to you sooner.
As it is TI won't be updated till after Feb 18 and RR won't be updated till Feb 10. These dates will be defined better when I find my back up disk.
Love MN

Hey it's me. I don't submit signed reviews normally so if you get one with the nickname MissNikki, it's me!! Well anyway I have come back from the dead sometime ago though I'm not updating like I should. Well it's almost the end of the year and my room has yet to be cleaned but I am after all updating. Okay so one update doesn't count as 'updating' but it's a start. And I'm tired of being harassed by ppl mainly BB and Ata. I know I need to update but so do you!!! *growls* And I love all you my adoring and faithful fans.
Love MN (that's another way you'll know it's me)
PS I also will try and answer all the review you give me even if it's a flame. Flames only help to improve the story.
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