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User Name:Srevan
Last Visited On:Jul. 30th, 2005, 20:22:31, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2003
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AIM Handle:KeriSrevan
Biography:Greetings. *sweeps a bow* I am Darcy (as you may have noticed), which doesn't tell you much about me at all. I am female - by the by - with layered hair that's no longer so short as it used to be, nor so bright a red, since I'm lazy when it comes to things that involve scissors near my neck, money, and products smelling strongly of ammonia. My eyes are somewhere between hazel and green - too light for one, too varied for the other (brown center, blue outside, with something that reminds me of the inner petals on an artichoke in between) - and extremely sensitive to the light, which makes it a pain to spend time either outdoors or under a florescent light, which flickers and gives me headaches. This probably has something to do with why I look away from the computer at regular intervals.

I tend to write from life.
Pause a moment, and think that over. I try to make my stories at least partially realistic, which means that they rarely follow a straight line (unless I cut everything out) and tend to have OCs, who are usually somewhat less... melodramatic than the average anime character.
Also, considering that the characters (including those native to whatever universe I'm writing in) are made alive through my will - with my life-force, if you will - that means that they all hold at least some part of me within them. Not that any of them ~are~ me - I despise Mary Sues as much as the next person and try not to create them. Since fan fiction is really a sort of stepping block for me to reach stories I might actually publish for money, that's more than doubly important.

Besides, I write from my own experiences, remember?

So if you're thinking, -so did that really happen?- the answer is probably -yes,- in some way, shape, or form.

I also have another account, mostly with older stories, at fanfiction.net.


-- :: Standard Issue Disclaimer: I don't own it, except when I do. :: --
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