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User Name:inuyasha_1234
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Registered On:December 12, 2003
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Biography:Hello ^^

Lately I've been working on something that only a select few will be able to see, so sorry -_- actually it's an orginal and I'm only going to let my betas read it.

Normally now I would tell you about the pairings that I like, but sadly the other day when I went to go write them down, Harry Potter alone took three pages to see them, and that's only one of my many fandoms.

Since I can't really tell you the pairings I'll tell you the anime/manga/tv shows/movies/books that I read about and sometimes write about,

Inuyasha (if you couldn't guess this one, then you need help)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Did I mention that I'm an Hikarist?)

Harry Potter (As I've already said, so far 3 is my favorite book/movie)

Yu Yu Hakusho (Who couldn't fall in love with Hiei and his bad-ass attitude?)

Loveless (though the whole 20 - 12 thing kinda has to be solved...)

FAKE (I even wrote a fic on it, though I haven't updated in FOREVER)

Gravitation (One of the first yaoi manga that I've read)

CSI (any of the three is fine... )

Buffy The Vampire Slayer ( I use to be a HUGE fan before I became consumed almost completely by anime and manga)

Dark Angel (I love the idea of genitcally advanced people)

Lord of the Rings ( Lets face it, it's pure genius)

Card Captor Sakura ( one of my friends is completely obsessed and it rubbed off on me)

Bleach ( Soul reapers? Hallows? It's all great!)

Gundam Wing (the one and only, I hate all other Gundam shows)

Fullmetal Alchemist ( everything about that anime/manga seems to call out to me, and I'm starting to really get into it)

X-men (normally I like it with crossovers, but it's fine by itself... my father is a big fan, so I kinda grew up with it)

Smallville (I watch it all the time with my Dad and I guess I got curious, some of the fanfics are actually a lot better then I tought they would be)

That's all that I can think of right now, but then again there's a whole lot more anime/manga/tv shows/movies/books that I really like but haven't gotten around to reading yet, give me a few years and I should pretty much out-read this site, lol

If you wanna talk to ask a question or somethng, I check my email every other day, so just drop one off and I should answer pretty quickly ^^