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User Name:Michikaru
Name/Nick:Mira Watanabe
Last Visited On:Apr. 22nd, 2008, 09:53:01, PDT
Registered On:January 01, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:Michikaru san
AIM Handle:Michikaru_san
Biography:Name: Mira Watanabe
Nick names: Michikaru, Misuki (Miski), Mika
Age: 16

Yahoo E-mail/IM: Michikaru_san
AOL IM:: Michikaru san
MSN IM: guerinam (Do not use the email! It will be deleated. Too many spammers.)

My yahoo groups are:

You can find my story Shinigami's Stage here as well:

Shinigami's Stage writen chapter 12: 2 pages out of 8
Shinigami's Stage typed chapter 11: 0%
The Non-Believer - a Christmas tale: Still on basic planning.

Future projects:
-- Shinigami's Stage 2
-- Hush (Michi luvs this one)
-- The Exchange Student
-- LoveLost-LoveLast (another journal flick)
-- How Duo stole Christmas (maybe, but wouldn't that be funny!)
-- and much, much more...

Favorite Authors:
Naomi - http://duoxheero.com/
Kracken - http://kracken.bonpublishing.com/main.shtml

They have a lot of good fan fiction, but they update too slow!
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