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User Name:dark sparrow
Last Visited On:Nov. 27th, 2005, 07:37:48, PST
Registered On:January 01, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:danifay@sbcglobal.net
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Roofy: hello the names Roofy please ignore my user name it's incorrect and this is my Baka brother Vello

Vello: -_-0 thanks for the introduction doofy

Roofy: >< i said don't call me that!!!

Vello: oh i so sorry (sarcasticly)

Roofy: -_-0...... anyway i'm supposed to tell you all about me in this byo thingy this is gonna take a wile......it all started when i was first born ^^....

Vello: (cuts her off) baka this isn't about your life it's about your looks like and dislikes stuff like that!!!

Roofy: well sorry that's the last time i spill my self out for you

Vello: just start -_-0

~physical byo~

Roofy: ok i have no clue how tall i am but i can match myself to be about and foot smaller than Jin whitch is still pretty tall i have no clue how old i am no thanks to my secret keeping baka brother anyway i have black hair and green eyes and my self being a cat demon (or from what i know but we'll get to that later) i have a pair of black cat ears on my head (Vello: duh where else) and long black tail i have a huge solection of clothes so i wont go through that but i can tell you i never where shoes i hate them they're evil oO.....(vello: Ooooooookay)
~(Roofy: your turn baka) Vello's physical byo~
Vello: so as you all know i'm Roofy's OLDER brother (Roofy: ha!! old man!!!)
anyway i of course am taller than Roofy pretty much as tall as Jin i have white hair i too am a cat demon but unlike Roofy i'm white i have a pair of white cat ears (Roofy: on his head) and a long white tail i have baby blue eyes and have one silver ring going through one of my ears i normally will be wearing a long white tank top shirt and baggt blue jean shorts with a walet chain like Roofy i too don't wear shoes (Roofy: that seems to be the only thing have in comon -_-0)with a face like that no one would want to be in common with you baka!!! (Roofy: hey!!!)
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